Simone Biles Is Taking a Much-Needed Break from Gymnastics
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Simone Biles Is Taking a Much-Needed Break from Gymnastics

If anyone deserves a vacation this year, it’s gotta’ be Simone Biles — America’s newest sweetheart took home five medals for the good ol’ US of A, and now, she says it’s time for a break.

In a recent Facebook live interview with Sports Illustrated, the pint-sized Olympian seemed almost perturbed following questions about whether she’d return for the 2020 games.

“You guys and your questions about the Olympics,” she said. “We just finished, let us live in our moment!”

She then went on to explain that she’d be taking a bit of a break from competing. “I will be taking a year off I think, just until everything settles down because now we have photoshoots and other opportunities that will come our way and it will be really hard for us to be in and out of the gym and train, like, very [seriously] during this time period, so afterwards, then we’ll see.”

She’s off to a pretty good start so far: From soaking up the rays on her last days in Rio to taking selfies with Kim K. at the VMAs (guess there’s no bad blood over Kimoji competition!), it’s been a pretty sweet ride for our champion since her return home. She’ll be on the Kelloggs’s Tour of Champions for the next 2 ½ months, and after that, it’s time to relax

“I always had one goal in mind — after championships, it was the Olympics, so that’s what drove me,” she said. And now? “My next goal is to live in the moment and have fun, for now, well just have fun with life, I guess.”

Watch her interview in its entirety here.

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