Dana Herlihey, a social media manager and a not-basic lady, started a satirical Instagram account for her friend Skellie this past fall to poke a little fun at the everyday activities of basic girls, who tend to overuse the word 鈥渓iterally.鈥 Skellie is the star of the show, but Dana deserves some credit too, because she actually drags a full-sized skeleton all around town. Literally.


The adventures of Skellie the skeleton are well on their way to blowing up Instagram. She recently topped 100K followers, which pretty much puts her on Beyonce鈥檚 level. She recently tried a flat white at Starbucks, she鈥檚 hooking up on Tinder and she鈥檚 been binge watching Friends on Netflix (wait a minute鈥 so have I. Does that mean I鈥檓 basic?).


Skellie got on the sidewalk to take a selfie, so you might want to step up your selfie game. Maybe she should invest in a selfie stick.


She makes regular trips to the spa to get her sauna on. Skellie鈥檚 all about treating yo鈥檚elf and that鈥檚 alright by us.


And we can鈥檛 even with this #OOTD. Is it weird to be jealous of a skeleton?


Oh, and obviously she鈥檚 all about the pumpkin spice. Where can we find some pumpkin spice hand sanitizer? There鈥檙e a lot of germs out there and we鈥檇 rather not end up literally dead. (Sorry, Skellie.)


Skellie has a shop full of merchandise if you want a iPhone case with her latest selfie on it. Don鈥檛 hate. She won鈥檛 tolerate haters, it was one of her New Years resolutions.


And next time you say, 鈥淥MG I literally died,鈥 think of Skellie. Because she鈥檚 the only one who can say that accurately.

(Really though, am I basic?)

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(h/t Design Taxi)