Safety is key when you鈥檙e riding a motorcycle, but there鈥檚 a new helmet rolling into town that takes that to a whole new, smarter level. From helmets that inflate upon impact to noggin protectors that read your emotions to plot a safer ride for cyclists in your city, there have been serious innovations in how to protect your dome on your bike lately. Now the same necessary upgrades are coming for motorcyclists, too. Meet Skully, a new helmet that is going to revolutionize your ride.

This helmet has so many rad features that will help you out on the road. Similar to Google Glass, a screen will pop up in the corner of your view and do basically anything you need it to 鈥 it can show you directions, give you a rearview camera, play Pandora and even make phone calls.

The display is small and transparent, so it won鈥檛 block your view of anything you need to see, which means you鈥檒l still ride safely even when you鈥檙e using the expanded functions of the helmet. And you won鈥檛 ever have to pull out your phone and get distracted while you鈥檙e riding.

Besides the bells and whistles, the helmet itself has been put through serious safety tests. It鈥檚 made of a lightweight, aerodynamic tri-composite fiberglass shell to put it in the 鈥渦ltra high performance鈥 category of motorcycle helmets. Oh, and those cheek pads are 3D laser cut + the visor is anti-fog, which means this one was practically made for SF. (In other words, we want!)

If you鈥檙e a biker, this helmet could become your go-to 鈥 especially if you鈥檙e looking for a connected ride like the rest of us car and bicycle and public transit commuters are used to. And we love anything that encourages people to protect their brains and make the roads safer.

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