From slicked back down ‘dos to pin-straight low ponytails, sleek hairstyles dominated the Spring 2015 runways. Now that the year is officially here, it’s time we start putting those beauty forecasts into practice. What that doesn’t mean is that you’ll be a slave to your hairspray, gel and flat iron for the next 11 months ahead. When re-imagined for the real world, runway hair doesn’t have to be so complicated. Case in point: minimalist hair accessories.

These simple, chic baubles are this season’s secret to giving your hair a sleek feel without all the fuss, which means this hair hack is perfect for that five-minutes-to-spare routine on weekday mornings. With the simple clasp of a metal barrette, your hair will have never looked so boardroom ready. Scroll through to see our six favorite picks for making your hair ultra presentable in a pinch.


1. Urban Outfitters Curved Line Large Barrette ($14, 2 for $20): Whether you elect to sweep the top portion of your hair back (off the face looks way more official) or dress up a messy bun in one easy clasp, this curved metal barrette is the easiest way to achieve a polished look.


2. Madewell Triangle Ponytail Clip ($15): A low ponytail doesn’t have to be so lifeless: Apply hairspray to your hair and brush it back into a neck-clinging pony that’s fastened with this gorgeous geometric cutout clip.


3. J.Crew Calf Hair Barrette ($15): Embellishments are off the table when it comes to following this trend, so when you’re looking for a hair clip that packs a greater punch than a polished barrette, choose one with an interesting texture like hammered metal or calf hair, like this navy and gold number.


4. PLUIE Crescent Comb ($121): You actually don’t have to do a thing to prep your hair for this accessory: stick this hammered comb’s teeth into your tresses and you’re ready to tackle the day. The convenience is well worth the splurge on this made-in-the-USA piece in our eyes.


5. ASOS Limited Edition Smooth Hair Barrette ($10): This might be the best sleek hair accessory for girls with long bobs (so you and all your gfs). This thicker barrette definitely gives off a ’90s vibe when it’s clipped into shorter hair, but it’s chunkiness is balanced by its goes-with-anything, frill-free design.


6. Sylvain Le Hen Barrette 089 ($72): This slightly curved, angular metal barrette is a match made in heaven for a streamlined statement braid. We’re thinking an over-the-shoulder rope braid would look mighty nice held together with this geometric stunner.

What hair accessories do you use to dress up a five minute ‘do just like that? Tell us about your favorite hair hacks in the comments below.