Perhaps you joined the no-poo movement, you’re down to washing your locks just three (or two if you dare) times a week and you want to show off those healthy strands with slick and straight ‘do. Or maybe you’ve been saving a stunning pair of statement earrings or a dress with a unique neckline you want to show off. One thing’s for sure — your holiday outfit lineup ROCKS and you want a chic updo for a fancy fete or casual gathering. Grab a smoothing serum and texturizing pomade to get these stick-straight looks.



1. Deep Side Part: A minimalist mane calls for matte skin and a punchy lip. Tuck your hair behind your ears to showcase your strong brow game. (via Backspace Forward)


2. Silky Faux Hawk: Amp up a tacky Christmas sweater with a bad gal hairstyle. Honestly, it just reminds of us Fergie’s #throwback signature style and it makes us want to sing-spell everything. (via Refinery29)


3. Sexy Slicked Back Hair: Aaron Samuels isn’t the only one whose hair looks sexy pushed back. Rock the punky wet look with a lightweight styling gel. (via Style Hawk)


4. Plait the Part: Why wouldn’t you add a mini-braid in your deep side part to amp it up? (via Byrdie)


5. Smooth Operator: A powerful eye look, like this glittery smokey eye, would be too much if paired with a ‘do that looks overdone. Smooth and straight hair is all you need for a polished look. (via And Other Stories)



1. Double Ponytail: Who said this classic ‘do was a one-trick pony(tail)? The addition of another elastic takes this basic tie-back style to a whole ‘nother level. (via Byrdie)


2. Minimalist Modern Pony: Section off your front layers to save for twisting around the base of your ponytail for visual interest. (via Marie Claire)


3. Stylish Sections: Or you could take it up another notch and twist and tease multiple sections for a futuristic, geometric-inspired hairstyle. (via Style Bistro)



1. Cool-Girl Ballerina Bun: The secret to getting this super smooth top knot is The Wrap Up Hair Styling Sponge ($12) and a freshly washed head and dried of hair. (via Byrdie)


2. Anti-Helmet Hair ‘Do: While this style was designed for cycling chicks, it’s one we can definitely wear to date night. Sweep your strands to one side and roll your ends upward to create a barrel roll at the base of your neck. Secure with bobby pins, finish with hairspray and voila! You’ve got a sophisticated, party-ready down ‘do. (via Refinery29)


3. Nape-Grazing Knot: Deep side parts are so in right now. Make a dramatic part the star of the show by teasing your crown for some added volume and sweep your strands into a low pony, then wrap it into a bun that barely grazes your neck. Finish with a shine serum for a look that’s glossy and glamourous. (via Byrdie)


4. Swept Away: For added body, wrap your hair around a curling iron to get wide waves. Take the pieces and use bobby pins to gather them into a low ‘do that channels Snow White and top with a gilded headband or metallic tiara for a majestic finish. (via Belle the Magazine)


5. French Twist for Short Hair: Just because you’re rocking a lob doesn’t mean you have to break out the extensions to achieve a sleek updo. This tutorial shows you how to master this mod Mad Men-esque hairstyle. (via Byrdie)


6. Well-Coiffed Coil: Defy the harsh winter elements with a dewy makeup look and a deep plum lip. Grab your curling iron (or hot rollers) to add some texture to your ends and secure with bobby pins and spray (lots of it) for this runway ready look. (via Womenz Mag)


7. Cool-Girl Low Bun: Here’s celeb stylist Jen Atkin’s step-by-step tutorial with her chic twist on the classic chignon. Seeing as her client list includes Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone, the Kardashian Klan and Lorde, we’re definitely bookmarking this ‘do. (via Byrdie)

Which of these slicked-back styles will you try? Tell us in the comments.