Blankets, diapers, tiny shoes, stuffed toys — babies accumulate sooo much stuff, even before they’re born. (Seriously, we wish we could get away with so many shoes.) Some of us have beautiful nurseries to put our baby in and others of us have… well, pretty much a closet. And when you have all those baby necessities paired with limited storage, getting a little creative with your nursery is essential. Take a look at these 12 space-saving hacks for your small nursery.

closet bunks

1. Stacked Beds: Got your kiddies sharing a small room? Go ahead and stack ’em. (via Oh Happy Day)

double clothes

2. Double Rod: Have you ever looked longingly at the unused space under your baby’s clothes? Hang double rods in their closet to use up every inch of storage. (via HGTV)

nursery pegboard

3. Pegboard Storage: Limited table space in your tiny’s room? Time to go vertical with your storage. A pegboard with various baskets and hangers is the perfect fix. (via Project Nursery)

dresser combo

4. Dresser Duty: Make the top of your dresser double as a changing table for two pieces of furniture in one. (via Girl Versus Dough)

crib storage

5. Crib Storage: Have you ever thought of putting storage under the crib? A drawer, basket or plastic tub will give you more space to stash all the stuff. (via The Glow)

curtained doors

6. Curtains: Doors are big and bulky things, especially when they swing into an already small room. Replace the doors in your mini nursery with curtains for a more open feel. (via Apartment Therapy)

dresser cart

7. Clothes Cart: So your nursery doesn’t have dresser space… so what? A cute li’l cart like this one makes the perfect alternative to store all those adorable clothes. (via The Glitter Guide)

hanging bed

8. Hanging Crib: Find a hanging bassinet like this to give yourself even more floor space. (via Refinery29)

books for art

9. Book Art: The tragedy of small nurseries is that wall space for all those cute prints is limited. Why not ditch the prints altogether and display all your kid’s books as art? (via Joy Ever After)

drawer storage

10. Drawer Storage: Small cloth organizers can be life savers for organizing those tiny socks and stacks of onesies. (via Lifeflix)

mini crib

11. Mini Crib: Large cribs and small spaces don’t make a good pairing. Thank goodness for mini cribs that will fit in your teeny tiny nursery. (via Apartment Therapy)

distinguish with wallpaper

12. Wallpapered Space: Sometimes a corner is all you can manage for a nursery, but you can use wallpaper to make it seem like its own space. (via Baby Mine)

Do you have a small nursery? What are your genius space hacks? Tell us below!