No matter who you are, what you do for a living, or how awesome at planning you are, everyone will, at some point, succumb to the hangries. You know, when you鈥檙e so hungry you鈥檙e a little prickly around the edges, even if everyone around you is sweet as sugar. So how do you beat this icky feeling? With snacks. Snacks are always the answer.

Of course, we love snacks here at Brit + Co. Healthy snacks, sweet snacks, popcorn or pumpkin seed snacks all make it into our repertoire. But when we discovered Snacks Quarterly, an online mag devoted to our favorite noshes, we were pretty impressed. Self-described as being 鈥渇or the distinguished snack enthusiast,鈥 the collection of essays, art and Q+A all on America鈥檚 favorite pastime is like an idea and creativity bank for snackers. Deliciously fun interviews with creatives across the country ask the REAL questions about our #1 food group to make you think about treats in a whole new way. Here are the tips we picked up, in five easily digestible bites.

1. Be The Gal Who Brings the Reese鈥檚: Everyone loves Reese鈥檚 at a party, and it鈥檚 artist Erin Marinovich鈥榮 go-to housewarming party pass-around. Bring a 5 lb. bag with you to your next meeting or party for everyone to munch on.

2. Need Brain Food? Grab Some Jerky: Salmon jerky is writer Mike Davis鈥 snack of choice when he (or Albert Einstein, long story) needs brain food. It鈥檚 full of fatty omega-3 acids to give you the boost of smarts you need to get through that last hour of work or the finishing touches on that project. (PS, you can buy that amazing print on his site!)

3. Gummy Bears Will Help You Soldier On: Think about it: The sugar jolt will give you the energy to forge ahead through an all nighter or a rough day at work, or in this Q+A, totally hypothetical case, if you were heading off to war. Even better, share them with friends (or enemies) to brighten everyone鈥檚 day.

4. Always, Always Go for a Cheese Plate: 鈥淚s a there snack more perfect and pure?鈥 asks the site. The answer, quite clearly, is no. For a party, an appetizer, a romantic date nibble, a boardroom snack 鈥 assembled in minutes, a good cheese plate is sophisticated and filling, a mix of interesting tastes and textures that pair perfectly with a glass of wine or a cup of Coke. It can easily be elevated to dinner-worthy with plenty of crusty bread and some soup. What鈥檚 not to love?

5. Fritos and Cherry 7Up Are the Perfect Summer Treat: Honestly, this doesn鈥檛 need much explanation, does it? You can practically taste the nostalgia.

In the name of snacks, go check out this tongue-in-cheek magazine for some smart, silly and insightful takes on snacking paired with art so yummy you鈥檒l wish you could eat it up.

Then tell us, what are your favorite snacks? Favorite noshing memories? Tell us in the comments below!