Admit it. When you’re on a road trip, your snack stop involves reaching for bag of gummy bears. As morbid as it is, biting off their little technicolored heads will NEVER get old. If you thought those little guys were just for times when you’re hiding away in your car, think again. Stock up on those awesome gummy friends because here are a dozen things to do with them!

2. Homemade Gummies: First things first, you need to source your star ingredient. While the ones at the store are great, for the amount you’re going to be eating, you should be going with something a little more natural. Here’s a recipe to get you there. You can make them in any shape you want, but we’re partial to the classic. (via Wholesome Cook)

1. Party Favors: Using those un-furry friends as party favors is an easy, guest-pleasing idea. Who doesn’t love to snack on gummies? (via Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

3. Gummy Covered Cake: Set the birthday girl up for a beary wonderful birthday with this layered gummy cake. Or make it just because it’s Wednesday. (via All Day Chic)

4. Drunken Gummies: Soak your gummies in the alcohol of your choice for a grownup twist on a kiddie favorite. This might be the new Jell-o shot. (via 1 Fine Cookie)

5. Gummy Bark: Gummy bears and chocolate? Now that’s a winning combination… not to mention a super easy dessert! (via JJ Begonia)

6. Chipotle Peach Gummy Bears: These gummy bears are everything that spicy and sweet should be. Whether you gift them or eat them all is up to you. (via The Nature of Grace)

7. Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies: What’s the only thing cuter than little bears? Little thumbprints to put them in. And these cookies use both! (via The Baking Robot)

8. Gummy Chandelier: Got about 3,000 gummy bears laying around? Make them into a boss chandelier. No seriously, can we have one? (via Colossal)

9. Surfing Gummy Bears: While we’re snacking on gummy bears, why not put them on chocolate covered potato chips? (via Babble)

10. Gummy Sangria: Wine + gummy bears = a party drink combination we just can’t refuse. (via Pepper)

11. Ghost Gummies: Get those gummies going ghoulish. Cover gummy bears in white chocolate for a delicious Halloween treat. (via The Cheese Thief)

12. Chocolate Covered Gummies: Got an hour to spare? Whip up these chocolate-covered bears and hide them from the kids. (via The Gunny Sack)

What would you make out of gummy bears? Tell us below!