Ripping off a chunk of a hot, soft pretzel and dunking it into some tangy yellow mustard or thick + gooey cheese sauce is a seriously magical experience. But what if you didn’t have to go to a baseball game or carnival to get your soft pretzel fix? Here are 15 savory soft-pretzel recipes for those of you out there adventurous enough to take on the challenge of making your own at home. These pretzels will leave you and your tummy feeling oh-so satisfied, so let’s get to twisting already!

1. Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Pretzel Buns: Oh yeah, these are exactly the kind of pretzels we dream about on the regular — stuffed with crumbled bacon and loads of sharp cheddar (via Yammie’s Noshery)

2. Parmesan Pretzel Bites: Sorry, Auntie Annie’s, we love your pretzel bites, but we’re making our own from now on. (via Lemons for Lulu)

3. Soft Pretzel Bunnies: Um, holy adorable! Imagine these little bunny pretzels hopping from dipping sauce to dipping sauce. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)

4. Ham and Swiss Stuffed Honey Pretzel: Why settle for a ham and cheese sandwich when you can stuff all that goodness into a honey pretzel??? (via Droolworthy)

5. Sliced Pretzel Bread: Okay, but if you do want a sandwich after all, make that sammie with this scrumptious sliced pretzel bread! (via Seeded at the Table)

6. Pretzel Dogs: These pretzel hot dogs take a while to whip up, but we promise — they are so worth it. (via Buns in My Oven)

7. Honey Sriracha Knots: Bring on the spice! These honey pretzels are sprinkled with Sriracha sea salt. (via A Spicy Perspective)

8. Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels: Start with hard sourdough pretzels and add honey, yellow mustard and onion powder for a snack that you’ll be licking your fingers for. (via Table for Two)

9. Fried Fish in a Pretzel Bun: We ditched the chips and opted for a bed of pretzel roll for our fried fish. It was a great decision. (via Through Oana’s Lens)

10. Honey Dijon Pretzel Chicken: Okay, so this recipe won’t yield a pretzel, but it’ll definitely yield a banging sweet and tangy pretzel chicken dish. (via Closet Cooking)

11. Brie-Stuffed Soft Pretzels With Rosemary and Sea Salt: The more brie we can stuff in there the better. (via Port and Fin)

12. Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Pretzel: We can’t wait to pop some of this jalapeño popper pretzel in our mouths! We welcome the heat. (via A Kitchen Addiction)

13. Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls: Here’s yet another out-of-the-box pizza recipe we can add to our arsenal. Sorry, do we have some cheese on our chins??? (via Domestic Fits)

14. Salted Pretzel Rolls: These salty boiled rolls are a great addition to any diet. (via Bake Your Day)

15. Caramelized Apple and Cheddar Cheese Soft Pretzel: This sweet and savory pretzel is absolute heaven. Did we mention that it comes with an awesome apple cider dipping sauce, too??? (via Baked by Rachel)

Have a recipe you’d like to add to the list? Post a link to it in the comments section!