If you thought Solange’s wedding was fashionable, just wait until you see what her honeymoon looks like. After the singer got hitched in New Orleans a couple weeks ago, she and her new husband, video director Alan Ferguson, headed to Brazil for a post-nuptial holiday. Instead of sipping sugary cocktails in a miniature bikini, the pair headed to Trancoso, a luxurious albeit low-key town in Bahia, Brazil for a sun-soaked getaway.

Solange shared some snaps from their honeymoon and quickly put everyone’s tropical Instagram pics to shame. It seems the two have been living in a beachy wonderland that resembles something straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue. Scroll down to check out the dreamy pics. But be warned: some serious travel envy may follow.

So just remember; while you’re sporting three pairs of socks and an electric blanket, Solange and Alan are probably chilling on a deserted beach casually looking like a photo shoot in the making.

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