Sneak a Peek at Solange’s Dreamy Honeymoon Photos
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Sneak a Peek at Solange’s Dreamy Honeymoon Photos

If you thought Solange’s wedding was fashionable, just wait until you see what her honeymoon looks like. After the singer got hitched in New Orleans a couple weeks ago, she and her new husband, video director Alan Ferguson, headed to Brazil for a post-nuptial holiday. Instead of sipping sugary cocktails in a miniature bikini, the pair headed to Trancoso, a luxurious albeit low-key town in Bahia, Brazil for a sun-soaked getaway.

Solange shared some snaps from their honeymoon and quickly put everyone’s tropical Instagram pics to shame. It seems the two have been living in a beachy wonderland that resembles something straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue. Scroll down to check out the dreamy pics. But be warned: some serious travel envy may follow.

So just remember; while you’re sporting three pairs of socks and an electric blanket, Solange and Alan are probably chilling on a deserted beach casually looking like a photo shoot in the making.

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