Nothing can beat the rush of a SoulCycle workout and the walk of jelly as you leave the studio. SoulCycle has become an indoor-cycling phenomenon partly because of the way it tones your body, but also because of the way it energizes your mind and encourages you to find your center. The perfectly designed studios are part serene sanctuary, part hard core motivation. If you’re trying to capture the same energizing vibes you get from your favorite spin class, check out these cycling essentials and turn your home gym into a personal SoulCycle haven.


1. Marcy Revolution Cycle Bike ($290): First off, you’ll need a bike. Fortunately, stationery bikes don’t take up as much space as a treadmill or elliptical, so even if you’re tight on space, you can squeeze a bike into your home gym.


2. Gavin Hellier Open Road Wall Mural ($160+): There’s nothing motivating about working out and staring at a blank wall. If the view outside your window is less than uplifting, feed your soul and give yourself a beautiful view with a wall mural of the open road.


3. SoulCycle Grapefruit Candle ($42): Scent is key in creating an enjoyable atmosphere, especially when you’re burning through some strong deodorant. In many Soul studios, you’ll find burning candles to create a sense of peacefulness. So get ready to burn those leg muscles and a deliciously uplifting grapefruit scent.


4. S’Well Yellow Gold Bottle ($42): Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Since you won’t have your favorite coach to remind you, this glam gold bottle will definitely motivate you to keep chugging water.


5. Urbanears Headphones ($50): You may love the upbeat music blasting during your workout, but your neighbors might not be as thrilled with the soundtrack. Crank the beats and pedal out to your favorite tunes with a pair of comfortable earphones that won’t slide out of your ears when the sweat issue is real.


6. Homeartstickers Motivational Wall Decal ($40): Don’t underestimate the power of words when it comes to decorating your home gym. SoulCycle spaces are covered with meaningful mantras to inspire riders. Get the same look with stick-on decals and oversized motivational quotes.


7. White IKEA Cabinet ($99): When it comes to color schemes, SoulCycle rocks a simple black and white palette with bright pops of yellow. Keep your space clean and bright with simple storage options like a low locker.


8. SoulCycle Elastic Headband Set ($28): Obviously you’re going to need a headband to keep the sweat — and those pesky flyaway hairs — out of your eyes. These slender bands hold every hair in place without messing up your carefully braided updo.


9. Blomus Frosted Glass Hurricane Light ($22): Since SoulCycle is all about the mind and body, they often offer candlelit rides and mood lighting to help you center yourself. Create a space where you actually want to work out by adding a few candles and dimming the lights. Just don’t get too relaxed… you are here to work out, after all.


10. Threshold Botanic Fiber Accent Towel ($6+): When the workout is over and you’ve fallen off your bike in a puddle of pride and sweat, mop up with a brightly colored towel and give yourself a pat on the back.

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