Gone are the days of soaring eagles and sailing crews atop words like ambition and teamwork. There’s a new wave of inspirational posters that you might want to actually hang in your office. We found 21 of our favorite prints—most of them typographic—that we wouldn’t mind seeing on a daily basis to boost our moods and productivity. Goodbye soaring eagles! Want more office inspiration? Get our favorite organizing ideas here!

Today is Going to Be Great

1. Today Is Going to Be a Great Day ($10): Start your day off with a mini-affirmation. This one looks perfect to us!

Work Really Hard

2. If You Work Really Hard… ($44): We’re totally on board with the message of this quote. What makes us love it even more? It’s from Conan O’Brien!

Thinkin of a Master Plan

3. Thinkin Of a Master Plan ($30): We’re big fans of Paper Jam Press, and their simple graphic typography posters. This one will inspire the entrepreneurs among us.

Dreamer Extraordinaire

4. Dreamer Extraordinaire ($8): If you can’t have this title on your business card, you can still have it on your desk, or just above it.

Write More Letters

5. More Letters ($30): E-mail is great, but there’s something about a handwritten note that can make your day. This poster will serve as a perfect (and beautiful) reminder in your office.

Holstee Manifesto

6. Holstee Manifesto Poster ($36): We definitely have a copy of this a Brit HQ. It’s a great motto to be reminded of, often.

What Good...

7. “What Good…” Enamel Steel Sign ($28): This signs phrasing is taken from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. It was the question he asked himself each morning.

Humble Beginnings

8. Humble Beginnings ($15): Not only will this poster serve as a great reminder in your office, your purchase through Help Ink will support a charity of your choice.

Stay Hungry

9. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish ($26): Don’t we all need a little motivation from Steve Jobs in our office? We think so.

State Mottos

10. Fifty United States and Their Mottos ($300): Another great travel-themed decor pick, we love comparing all the different mottos from each of the 50 states.

LIfe is so short

11. Life Is So Short ($24): We love this quote from Chaucer, and of course the scissors and thread in the poster.

12. Be You ($47): Inject some color and a reminder to be yourself into your office.

Could Be Worse

13. Could Be Worse ($20): Sometimes you just need a little snark in your day, especially when it comes in this black and gold print.

Just Keep Going

14. Just Keep Going ($20): Think of this as the grown up version of the message behind the little engine that could.


15. Yesterday… ($25): A good reminder to keep moving forward from an unlikely source—Will Rogers!

16. Think Hard Print ($18): From one of our favorites, Ork Posters has applied their neighborhood treatment to your brain. Time to put that thinking cap on!

17. Everyday I’m Hustlin’ ($15): Yep, every day is a hustle. Don’t we know it!


18. Simplicity ($15): A good reminder for each project you’re working on—get things as simple as possible.

Think out of the box

19. Think Outside ($40): We love the visual representation of this standard reminder. (Click on “A poster that makes you think like a creative.”)

Happiest People

20. The Happiest People ($18): It’s the truth, the happiest people do make the best of everything.

21. Today ($18): One last little reminder to make the most of today!

Which of these prints would you hang in your office? Tell us in the comments!