You like your meatballs a-spicy. Your lamb kebabs? Seasoned with skill. And you wouldn’t think of putting a bland salad anywhere near your dinner guests. Forget being a spice cadet. You’re a lieutenant of tang. And with your spice selection working so hard, it deserves a proper home that’s prettier than ugly plastic supermarket vessels. And you’re happy to give it to them once we give you a teaspoon full of sage spice advice on the best ways to organize your herbs. Let’s get spicy.

1. Hexagon Magnetic Jars ($135): Geometry nerds are clicking “add to shopping cart” right now.

2. Pfeffersack + Sons: Should you import your spices from Germany? We’re not going to say yes, and we’re not going to say no, but what we will say is that the only way to get this artful packaging is to order it from Pfeffersack + Sons. For an added bonus, go ahead and add a chalkboard name plate. (via Uberfork)

3. Tins + Chalkboard Paint: If you’re not into ordering your dried herbs from afar, then get a similar effect with some tins and chalkboard paint… again! (via Table for Two)

4. Tic Tac: We’re not so hot on the font selection here, but we are hot on re-using old Tic Tac containers. Their flat shape makes them easier to store than the usual round-spice containers. It also has us wondering if our breath will get fresher with every meal. (via Kayak Rogue)

5. Chalkboard Wall: Apparently spices and chalkboard paint go together like Beyonce and Jay-Z. This rendition makes good use of a column in the kitchen. (via Happy Pretty Things)

6. Magnets: We’ve seen similar setups for organizing craft material and tools, and we’re happy to see it’s made its way to the kitchen as well. (via Blue Kat Kraft)

7. More Magnets!: If anyone out there has some sweet calligraphy skillz, this would be the time to break them out. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Kashmiri Spice Tins ($226): At that price, you’d think you were buying gold. But nope! Just incredibly pretty tins filled with spices.

9. Test Tubes ($42): If you are or if you know of a food scientist, is there really any other spice rack that will do? We think not.

10. Mason Jar: We love a good mason jar project when we see one. And we especially like the pop of color that this one incorporates. (via Raising Up Rubies)

11. Pantry Style ($17): Retro kitchens, come and get ‘em.

12. Chalkboard Paint: Let’s chalk another one up to the elementary school fave. (via The Home Depot)

13. Periodic Table ($33): Although we don’t really remember Walt and Jesse using anything smaller than a beaker, we still get some Breaking Bad vibes from this guy.

14. Cylindra ($15): Set it on the counter, mount it on the wall, stack it up if you get the urge. The creator says the containers were modeled after petri dishes, but we’re definitely getting makeup compact from them.

15. Alpha Draw Org: This is the author’s preferred storage method. The spices are hidden away and kept in alpha order, so you never accidentally buy double of anything. And if your friends are real wiseguys, they’ll mix them up to torture you. Nice, huh? (via Dura Supreme)

16. Vintage Inspired: Click through. There’s a free printable waiting for you. (via Homemaker Chic)

17. Built Ins: If you’re lucky enough to have old built-ins like this sitting in your kitchen, put them to good use by making a sort of installation art piece of spices. You always were creative like that. (via Tidbits from the Tremaynes)

If you think the spice is right, let us know in the comments below!