Nothing says fall quite like mulling spices and apple cider (well, maybe the PSL, but still). Spiced ciders and wines are super delicious and cozy and, of course, they also help you get your buzz on. Put a batch on the stove while you carve pumpkins, decorate the house for fall and put together your Halloween costume. We promise you’ll be feelin’ all the feels with these 13 spiced wine and cider recipes.


1. Spiced Cider Punch: We usually envision spiced cider as a concoction that’s best enjoyed while warm, but this recipe tastes fantastic when served chilled. Don’t worry — the spices will still warm you down to your toes. (via Taste and Tell)


2. Sparkling White Cranberry Sangria: Nothing sings of the holidays approaching more than cranberries, and this cranberry sangria recipe helps you kick off the fall in style. It’s topped with fruit and splashed with Chardonnay, so it’s just as refreshing as it is cozy. (via The Kitchn)


3. Spiced Cider: This is one of those classic spiced cider recipes that epitomizes fall in a glass. It’s simmered over a hot stove with orange zest, cinnamon and clove, infusing your cider with all the warm spices of autumn. As a bonus, it’ll make your house smell *fantastic.* (via Leite’s Culinaria)


4. Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria: This sangria combines the warm and complex flavors of cognac with the sweetness of apples and sparkling wine. Pro tip: Slice the apples into matchsticks to give your drink some substance and oomph. (via The Kitchn)


5. Fall Harvest Hot Apple Cider: Made in the slow cooker, this delicious drink will fill your home with the aromas of apples, persimmons, pears, oranges and pomegranates. To really take the flavor up a notch, use multiple varieties of seasonal apples from your local farmers’ market. (via Whole Food Bellies)

Apple Cider Float4

6. Apple Cider Floats: For something a little different, try these apple cider floats, which are made with sweet apple cider and ice cream. Drizzle them with caramel ice cream topping and sprinkle with cinnamon to finish them off. (via What’s Cooking, Love?)


7. Spiced Wine: Spiced (or mulled) wine comes from the German tradition. This traditional recipe involves red wine warmed with cinnamon, cloves, lemon and sugar, which are the authentic ingredients that have been used to make this recipe for centuries. Who doesn’t love a classic? (via Saveur)


8. Autumn Clove Spiced Red Wine Sangria: What do you get when you cross sangria with spiced wine? This delicious concoction. Make sure you serve these beauties at room temperature rather than the traditional chilled sangria temp. (via Cooking Diving)


9. Caramel Apple Cider: If you love Starbucks’ Carmel Apple Cider, you’ll absolutely want to try this copycat version. The ooey, gooey sweetness of caramel plays on the tart taste of apples, while whipped cream pulls the whole thing together. (via Five Heart Home)


10. Mulled Wine: Here’s another mulled wine recipe for all the lushes out there. This one even tops off the red wine with a little brandy, making the concoction even headier than usual. (via Gimme Some Oven)


11: Mulled Apple Cider: Combine a few classic ingredients into a big pot and simmer on the stove for 20-30 minutes — that’s literally all it takes to make this delicious fall recipe. Try infusing your cider with orange and lemon zest for extra flavor. (via The Pioneer Woman)

12. Slow Cooker Cranberry Apple Cider: This recipe has all the slow cooked, spicy flavor of traditional apple cider, but it also incorporates the tartness of cranberries. This drink is sure to take you from fall all the way through the holiday months. (via The Recipe Rebel)


13. Best Ever Spiced Mulled Wine: This mulled wine recipe adds a few extra flavors on top of an already tasty creation. It’s mulled with the usual seasonings, plus nutmeg, ginger and anise. (via Adeline & Lumiere)

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