Halloween is a night聽full of聽frights and thrills, but the best way to win over the crowd is definitely with a giggle-inducing, clever AF costume that will leave them laughing. You have every other day of the year to look聽glam, so consider聽taking the opportunity聽to infuse some much-needed聽humorinto your get-up, even if it was just a last minute idea. Scroll down for 85 funny Halloween costumes聽guaranteed to make you the life of the party.

1.聽Duel Design Shop Black Sheep of the Family聽($56):聽Let your rebellious side out in this sassy AF costume. We鈥檙e ROFL already.

2. Beer Pong:聽This ingenious couple鈥檚 getup has 鈥渃ontest winner鈥 written all over it. #Need.

3. Crazy Cat Ladies:聽Grab your BFF and your collection of old beanie babies and get to work DIY-ing this adorable look.

4. Wayne + Garth:聽This human-canine duo pull off聽Wayne鈥檚 World聽flawlessly.

5. Lobster + Chef:聽We thought the 鈥渕ommy-and-me鈥 version of this chef/lobster costume was sweet, but two adult participants make for an entirely different (and super silly) look.

6. Fork in the Road:聽This outfit is clever and super simple to DIY. All you need is an A.B.O. (all black outfit), some yellow tape, and a plastic fork.

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7.聽Nae Nae聽to My Whip:聽When your S.O. agrees to be the Nae Nae to your Whip, you know it鈥檚 true love. Plus, you鈥檒l have an excuse to dance all night.

8. Fairy-Kale Princess:聽Take your pun game to the next level with this super orig聽get up. Kale yeah!

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9. Couple鈥檚 Chemistry:聽The periodic table鈥檚 oxygen and magnesium take聽this brainy couple鈥檚 joke to the next-level. And they have great chemistry 鈥 get it, yet?

10. PR Barbie, Beauty Account Manager:聽Wait, does this doll actually exist? Either way, show your love for the iconic doll by dressing up like her.

11. DIY Pizza Mask:聽For those of you who鈥檝e ever had a selfie-ruining monstrosity of a blemish, the irony of this handmade pizza mask will not be lost on you.

12. Bee-Yonc茅:聽Dressing up like Queen Bey just never gets old. Especially when a good pun is involved. Bzzzzz.

13. A-wreath-a Franklin:聽鈥楥uz it鈥檚 all about the Benjamins, baby.

14. Blessing in Disguise: You鈥檒l no doubt be explaining yourself all day long but we think it鈥檚 worth it. (via聽The Thinking Closet)

15. La Croix Boi: We know you want to.聽(via Brit + Co)

16. Cousin It from聽Addams Family:聽Go for the serious laughs this year with a聽DIY-masterpiece that can be pulled off with just a tomato cage, a couple of hula skirt, a聽top hat,聽and a pair of Wayfarers. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

17. Life Alert:聽Go as a granny and have your beau or BFF dress up as the life alert button 鈥 the unsung hero of elders, worldwide. It鈥檚 kinda sad, but also seriously funny. (via聽Costume Works)

18. Snow Globe:聽Once you build yourself a makeshift snow globe, you can dress up as whatever you want to have inside. The creative possibilities are literally endless. (via聽Acid Cow)

19. Bob Ross:聽We鈥檝e seen plenty of hilarious Bob Ross costumes over the years but this one is. Just. So. Good.聽(via Wholesale Halloween Costumes)

20. Punny Group Costume:聽Rather than spoil the fun, we鈥檒l let you figure these puns come-to-life on your own. P.S. That鈥檚 the聽best deviled聽egg costume聽ever.


21. Holy Guacamole & Holy Cow: No Halloween would be complete without getting聽seriously pun-ny. By pairing your getup with an angel鈥檚 halo and wings, you鈥檝e accomplished insta-holy.聽Then all you need is something green or cow-print! (via Huffington Post)


22. Kim Kardashian聽Paper Magazine聽Cover:聽If this now-iconic Kim KW cover didn鈥檛 break the Internet, your costume definitely will. Buy a sparkly dress, do you hair up in a bun and glue a Champagne coupe to your derriere. (via Bangitout)


23. Shrimp Cocktail: This is the perfect way to bring a pun to life this Halloween. Not only is the shrimp hat hilarious by itself, but the added cocktail brings聽a whole new level of humor to the costume. (via Yatzer)

Donald Trump Halloween Costume

24. Donald Trump: Expect to see plenty of political costumes thisHalloween. But if you get a Trump wig, you鈥檒l have to style it with utmost care to get his exact hairstyle right. (via Brit + Co)

25. Pikachu: Step up your Pokemon game this Halloween. The Pokemon Go trend is one of the biggest last year, so this Pikachu costume will have its fair share of admirers.

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26. Reno 911!: If you鈥檙e prepared to act the part, you鈥檒l be the聽lifeof the party! Get your friends together to dress up as the聽goofiest on-screen officers in the business as the cast of Reno 911!聽Or, if you鈥檇 prefer some variety, improvise the costumes from聽Super Troopers聽instead.

27. Netflix + Chill: This is the ULTIMATE couple鈥檚 costume聽that聽will have all your friends going YAAAAS. Netflix and chill probably wins for hilarious yet kinda sexy slang of the year, and this outfit is so easy to DIY too. (via聽Brit + Co)


28. Shark-nado: This is the way to bring the cult movie Sharknado聽to life on Halloween. Or, grab two more friends, each take a day of the week, and you鈥檝e got the makings of a Shark Week costume!聽(via The San Diego Union Tribune)


29. Snapchat Rainbow Barf Filter: This rainbow-spewing Snapchat filter is easy to DIY with some face paint and makeup. People will definitely be snapchatting your costume to their friends. (via Getting Pretty)

30. Vincent Van Gogh: This is a聽perfect聽Halloween costume if you鈥檙e feeling聽artsy and intellectual. Van Gogh鈥檚聽quirky self-portrait combined with the creepy story of cutting off his own ear 鈥斅燼nd sending it to his former lover 鈥斅爄s basically the聽ideal vibe for Halloween night!


31. Dino Cage:聽This costume is聽only聽for the truly adventurous. It鈥檒l take dedication and advanced planning to pull off a costume this elaborate 鈥斅燽ut the results will be worth it. Guaranteed to be the most creative costume of the night!聽(via Holy Taco)


32. Thesaurus: This is the perfect pun-filled costume for any brainiac! Combine your love of words with a distinctly prehistoric theme and you鈥檝e got yourself a Tyrannosaurus-thesaurus hybrid. (via n00brarian)


33. Soda Bottle Head Accessory: This costume wins the prize for the craftiest find! It鈥檚 surprisingly simple to construct and is genuinely clever. Plus, if you聽have friends with聽lots of different hair colors, the possibilities are endless. (via A Bowl of Pistachios in The Tardis)


34. SNL Cast: Nothing can be funnier than the cast of hilarious characters we tune in for weekly on Saturday Night Live. If you and your friends opt for one of these finds, just be prepared to be quoting their聽skits all night long.聽(via TODAY)


35. S鈥檓ores: No single Halloween costume聽could ever be sweeter than this family鈥檚. The costumes are thankfully easy to construct and wear, so treat yourselves to this look come Halloween.聽(via Cheerios and Lattes)


36. Business Cat: Business Cat is rly, rly srs about鈥 cat stuff. This easy DIY and whatever caption you want will pretty much be adorable no matter what. (via Imgur)


37. Saved by the Bell: You pretty much have to dress like a cast member of this iconic show聽at least once in your life. Halloween is nothing if not an excuse to enjoy all our favorite throwback styles.聽(via Brit + Co)

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38. Rock, Paper, Scissors: We鈥檝e seen Halloween costumes that bring our favorite board games to life, so why not take a cue from the most basic game of all time: rock, paper, scissors? Just be prepared for a less-than-agile聽costume if you鈥檙e going as the rock!


39. Operation Costume:聽Remember that old board game you used to love as a kid? This costume is the perfect way to bring back the聽childhood classic and is guaranteed to be the most fun of any costume around. (via Huffington Post)

40. Old Ladies: These adorable babies take the 鈥渙ld lady鈥 trend to a new level.聽How is it even possible that the very youngest humans make the absolute cutest old ones?

41.聽Waving Wind Sock Men: This hilarious costume is something we鈥檝e all seen before, but have probably never tried to name or recreate. Here are some DIY waving wind sock men that you can make using a hamper and fabric.


42.聽Napoleon Dynamite: Embrace your inner outcasts and head out as this oddly lovable, highly mismatched set of weirdos. And if you dress as Napoleon himself, you might want to practice drawing聽ligers in advance. (via The FW)


43. Miss Universe: This is one of the most original Halloween costumes we鈥檝e ever seen聽鈥 the moment when the wrong聽Miss Universe was crowned by accident. She has since said that having to give up the crown was emotionally traumatizing 鈥斅爃ow sad!聽(via Total Sorority Move)


44. Man in a Hurricane:聽This is a total crowd-pleaser that only requires a messed-up umbrella and some clever posing. This costume is guaranteed to crack people up if you stay committed while wearing it. (via Huffington Post)


45. Low-Resolution: Uh-oh. Here鈥檚 a truly scary costume 鈥斅爐he worst nightmare of the entire digital world! All it takes is some creative makeup to create a look that is all too real. (via Laughing Squid)

46. Intergalactic Beastie Boys: This costume is guaranteed to be a throwback favorite. All you need are some white jumpsuits, and then the yellow accessories 鈥斅爎ubber gloves, rubber boots, goggles, reflective tape and a helmet. Oh yeah, then there鈥檚 the robot鈥β(via [edit] radio)


47.聽Steve Zissou鈥檚 Crew: Wes Anderson fans, unite! Why not join forces like the Belafonte team and dive into Halloween together as one? (via聽PopSugar)


48. Superhero Legos: LEGOs are what gave a lot of us the ideas for our very first projects as kids. Pair them with classic superheroes and you鈥檝e got a winning combination on your U-shaped hands. (via Instructables)


49. Karl Lagerfeld: As the聽iconic Creative Director聽of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld鈥檚聽unique style and rather bizarre appearance is the ultimate pop culture figure come to life. We definitely hope to see聽one (or more) Karls come this Halloween. (via Refinery 29)


50. Bag of Jelly Beans: All you need to create this adorable costume is a clear plastic bag and plenty of colorful balloons. This will be one of the most unique costumes you see all night! (via Modern Kiddo)


51. Instagram: How could we create a list of hilarious Halloween costumes without paying homage to our fave social media brands?聽This Instagram photo is perfect for any pop culture junkie. (via Peta Pixel)

52. Group聽Sushi Costume:聽Yum! Why not grab a few friends and dress up as your favorite roll? Sushi roll, that is.聽(via Brit + Co)


53. PSL Costume: It鈥檚 Halloween and you can DIY your own PSL costume because IT鈥橲 AMAZING. Don鈥檛 apologize for your awesomeness. (via聽Carly Cristman)


54. Baby from The Hangover: If you look closely, you鈥檒l see that your head comes out where the baby鈥檚 would 鈥斅燼nd yes, you鈥檒l have to decapitate a doll. But if you can pull off this costume, you鈥檙e聽guaranteed聽to be one of the聽most memorable costumes of the night. (via Imgur)


55.聽Guess Who? Costume: Revisit your favorite board game with your S.O. or group of friends. You鈥檒l have to school the younger crowd on this throwback game. (via Huffington Post)


56. Hashtag Costume聽($15):聽Can we just take a moment and look at this amazing hashtag costume? This is definitely one for people who love the Internet. #trending (via Halloween Costumes)


57. Guy Carrying His Head in a Box: This is yet another jaw-dropping costume that is as inventive as it is hilarious. As long as聽you鈥檙e down to carry a box the whole night, this is a costume worth duplicating. (via The Design Inspiration)

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58. Freudian Slip: This costume is the best聽鈥聽at least, for any psychology lover. What better way to commemorate the legendary psychiatrist than by dressing up as a living example of one of his famed theories of the psyche?


59. Frat Boys: This is the dream, ladies. This Halloween, play the joke on the frat boys 鈥斅爐he ultimatepranksters. You might even consider a聽Neighbors聽theme if you want to get inspo from popular movies.聽(via Whitney Poginy)


60.聽Googly Eyes: If you鈥檙e looking for something聽big and dramatic for Halloween photo time, these googly-eye balloons would make for some great party decor and a costume photo prop! (via Studio DIY)


61. Fruit of the Loom Grapes: We are obsessed with these grape costumes! Just be mindful not to let them pop over the course of the night鈥β(via Instructables)

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62. Glamour Shots: Walking around all night dressed in 鈥80s attire with a faux glamour shots background聽will make for a picture-perfect snap every time. Plus, she gets extra brownie points for creativity.


63.聽Emoji Couple鈥檚 Costume: Since we鈥檙e talking emoji here, here鈥檚 another adorable emoji couple costume that is sure to go viral. Plus, it鈥檚 super easy, considering you can make this costume using聽what鈥檚 already in your closet.聽(via Brit + Co)

64. French Fries: This costume is hilarious聽鈥 not to mention, it鈥檚 a DIY聽鈥 the fries can be made using upholstery foam. (via Studio DIY!)


65. Famous Artists: If you saw Midnight in Paris, you聽already know how much fun it is to watch the most famous artists in history聽come to life. You aren鈥檛 required to take on their quirky behavior, but it definitely helps.聽(via Lake Flato Dog Run)

66.聽THE Dress: This debate was one that divided families, ended friendships and made you question your relationship. And now, the optical illusion is a totally wearable Halloween costume.聽(via Brit + Co)


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67. Formal Apology: This is the ultimate find for a pun lover聽鈥 as long as you don鈥檛 mind wearing (or writing on) a tie.


68. Takeout Night: A t-shirt that doubles as a costume? This is every procrastinator鈥檚 dream! (via Brit + Co)


69. DIY Minion Group Costume: When in doubt, you can always turn to animated movies for a little inspo.聽Here鈥檚 a step-by-step guide to making an adorable home-made Minion costume! (via Brit + Co)


70. Taxidermy Deer-Head Costume: This is a sad聽鈥斅燽ut also pretty funny 鈥斅爐ake on the popular deer costume. You get to wear cute deer makeup but the backboard adds an unexpected and hilarious edge. (via Make)


71. Censored: This costume has also been called 鈥淪ims Getting Out of the Shower.鈥 Either way, it鈥檚 clever, racy and guaranteed to bring a chuckle or two. (via Theme-me)


72. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!: Your childhood self would totally be proud of this costume of Oblina from the show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!聽Once you find the mask, you just need to pair it with a black-and-white striped dress and the look is complete. (via BuzzFeed)


73. Fifty Shades of Grey: The hardest part about this costume will be finding all fifty samples of gray paint. (via Bits and Pieces)


74. Chewie鈥檚 Angels: This is the perfect聽way to take one of the most recognizable characters from聽Star Wars聽and to combine it with another hit. Enlist two of your friends as the other angels, and swap out Charlie for Chewbacca! Angel wings or a halo would be an appropriate alternative if you don鈥檛 feel like carrying around a gun all night. (via IB Times)

75. Brawny Man: This is聽officially聽the easiest DIY costume ever, but it鈥檚 original enough that it still works. The Brawny Man is all kinds of聽handsome, so prepare to have a little聽arm candy by your side all night. (via Brit + Co)

76. Sizzling Bacon Costume:聽Halloween just might be the only day of the year when wearing this dress would be remotely appropriate. Or, take the opportunity to channel Lady Gaga鈥檚 epic meat gown. (via Brit + Co)


77.聽French Kiss: Channel your inner Gene Simmons and grab a baguette, glass of wine, and a cigarette. Done and done. (via聽imgur user jlesk)


78.聽Play-Doh Plato: This play on words is impressive. We are pretty sure this costume is just a bunch of sheets wrapped around your body, which couldn鈥檛 be simpler聽to recreate. (via聽Buzzfeed)


79.聽Cereal Killer:聽Who doesn鈥檛 love a good play on words? (via聽Cosmopolitan)

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80.聽Blue Ivy: Our girl and DIY Editor聽Kelly聽apologizes for the low-quality iPhone photos, but this hilarious Blue Ivy costume is too good not to include.


81.聽Spice Girls: Though we鈥檙e all about bringing back Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger, go the unexpected route and simply dress up as your favorite spices. (via聽Brit + Co)


82.聽Firefox: Internet throwbacks are always A+ in our book. Whip this costume up in a jiffy with a blow-up globe and some furry accessories. (via聽nayukim on Flickr)


83.聽Hawaiian Punch: How 鈥檅out a nice Hawaiian punch? This punny couples costume is part Hula Girl, part Rocky Balboa. (via聽Brit + Co)


84.聽Bun in the Oven: Maternity costume FTW! Dress your bump up as an actual bun in the oven. (via聽Brit + Co)


85.聽Mackerelmore: Genius. Just, genius. You really have to commit to wearing a fish head all night, but the sacrifice is completely worth it. (via聽imgur user wakytobacky)

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