Halloween is supposed to be a night full of spooky surprises, freaky frights, and twisted thrills. And even though we really do love *all* the creepy costumes, we also enjoy killing the disguise game in hilariously original, pun-filled get-ups. This year, consider swapping out that “pretty” look for some much-needed humor. Scroll on for 85 of the most hysterically ridiculous Halloween costume ideas — guaranteed to help you bring the funny.

Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume

1. Eleven from Stranger Things: Leggo her Eggo. (via Brit + Co)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween Costume

2. Thing 1 and Thing 2: Get joined at the hip like these iconic Dr. Seuss characters in simple blue wigs and red maxis. “Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting!” (via Brit + Co)

Wrecking Ball Halloween Costume

3. Wrecking Ball: That’s right; we turned Brit’s belly into Miley’s wrecking ball. Miley face/tongue optional. (via Brit + Co)

Wayne and Garth Halloween Costume

4. Wayne and Garth: This duo pulls off Wayne’s World flawlessly. (via Brit + Co)

Broad City Halloween Costume

5. Broad City: We give all our yesses to Broad City and the two kweens that are comedy geniuses Abbi and Ilana. If you haven’t seen this episode intro yet, you’ve not fully lived. (via Brit + Co)


Bowie Emojis Halloween Costume

6. Bowie Emojis: We were thrilled when Apple released the new batch of emojis featuring both a male and female David Bowie. It’s officially time to put on your red shoes and dance the blues, baby. (via Brit + Co)

Bernie Sanders Halloween Costume

7. Bernie Sanders: This is just. Too. Much. It’s time to feel the Bern. (via Brit + Co)

Lisa Frank and a Unicorn Halloween Costume

8. Lisa Frank and a Unicorn: Be sure to hit up your local Goodwill store for all the inspo. Is it just us, or does this make you want to listen to “Pony” by Ginuwine? (via Brit + Co)

Sue Surprise Halloween Costume

9. Sue Surprise: ICYMI, the SNLskit features Kristen Wiig in one of our all-time favorite roles. First, do your homework (AKA watch the clip) and then have a field day with this kooky character. (via Brit + Co)

The Revenant Halloween Costume

10. The Revenant: This movie is so intense we think it’s worth recreating for years to come. And whether you’re Leo or the ferocious bear, you’re sure to have an epic Halloween holiday. (via Brit + Co)

11. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from The Simple Life: We still can’t get over the fact that these two once had a show where they entered the blue-collar world and worked among the rest of us. Recreate this throwback costume and make sure to bring the ‘tude. (via Brit + Co)

12. Sunny Side Up: This punny costume is fun because of the whole “egg” thing but also because it takes a matter of minutes to put together! Just add felt! (via Brit + Co)

13. Hipster: Our favorite — but at the same time our least favorite — type of man. (via Brit + Co)

14. Blessing in Disguise: You’ll no doubt be explaining yourself all day long, but we think it’s worth it. (via The Thinking Closet)

15. La Croix Boi: We know you want to. (via Brit + Co)

16. Duel Design Shop Black Sheep of the Family ($56): Let your rebellious side out in this sassy AF costume.

17. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City: From season three’s “Game Over” episode where Abbi competes in the Soulstice Games and Ilana loses her job at Deals! Deals! Deals!, this costume pairing just might be two of the show’s most iconic looks. (via Brit + Co)

18. Ghostbusters: You’ll never believe it, but the secret behind this costume is Tupperware containers! (via Brit + Co)

19. Avocado Toast: This costume is so not basic. (via Brit + Co)

20. ’80s Andre Agassi and a Tennis Ball: This goofy couple’s costume is really cute even sans bump. It’s time to win an ace on that contest match point, y’all. (via Brit + Co)

21. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan: Channeling your inner Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks for the duo to end all duos. Run, Forrest, run! (via Brit + Co)

22. Hocus Pocus: We love this witchy twist! “I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine.” (via Brit + Co)


23. Cher and Dionne from Clueless: If you’re totally buggin’ over what costume to wear, why not bring out your inner Cher from this classic ’90s film. Or, whatever. (via Brit + Co)

24. Donald Trump: Expect to see plenty of political costumes this Halloween. But if you get a Trump wig, you’ll have to style it with the utmost care to get his exact hairstyle right. (via Brit + Co)

25. Pokémon: Pikachu and Ash are always a popular duo during Halloween, so be as creative as possible when dressing up your pets. (via Brit + Co)

26. Target Lady: Watch and learn in this SNLskit starring Kristen Wiig, who deserves a Halloween character every single year. Hot chicken! (via Brit + Co)

27. Netflix + Chill: This is the ultimate couple’s costume that will have all your friends going YAAAAS. Netflix and chill probably win for hilarious yet kinda sexy slang of the year, and this outfit is so easy to DIY too. (via Brit + Co)

28. Raining Men: David, Josh, Leo, George… the gang’s all here! Pick your fave studs and follow along with the instructions for one hunky rainstorm we’d all like to weather. (via Studio DIY)

29. Snapchat Filters: These Snapchat filters are easy to DIY with some face paint and perseverance. Learn how to do a puppy, bee, or flower crown filter for the Halloween makeup tutorial win. (via Brit + Co)

30. Treasure Troll: The key here is getting that wig just right. It’s like backcombing on steroids. The other key? You’ve gotta completely own this look. Like we said, it’s a bold move for anyone to wear what is basically a nude suit, so make sure you have fun with it. (via Brit + Co)

31. Mean Girls: Pay homage to the ultimate Mean Girls by dressing up. (via Brit + Co)

32. Bowl of Cereal: Since pool floats are in — and pool noodles are out — why not turn ’em into a bowl of Fruit Loops? Re-purposing props are the green goddess’ way of keeping things fresh every Halloween. (via Studio DIY)

33. Kristen Wiig as Dooneese: This SNL character wears all kinds of outfits, so find the craziest dress at a thrift store to channel your best Dooneese. The key piece is, of course, the tiny hands! (via Brit + Co)

34. Grace and Frankie: So you’ve already tried Cher and Dionne and Thelma and Louise. Next on the list with your BFF: These two sassy women are from our fave Netflix hit, Grace and Frankie. (via Brit + Co)

35. A Real Housewife: Grab a glass of rosé, a Grey Goose with lots + lots of lemons, or even a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita and work it on Halloween night as a quotable, fearless star of Bravo’s series. (via Brit + Co)

36. Hillary Clinton: She may not have won the election (or did she?!), but HRC is major #girlboss and makes for an inspiring *and* hilariously iconic costume. (via Brit + Co)


37. Saved by the Bell: You pretty much have to dress like a cast member of this show at least once in your life. Halloween is nothing if not an excuse to enjoy all of our favorite throwback styles. (via Brit + Co)

38. Gangnam Style: Remember how this video went crazy viral?! We sure do. And TBH, it doesn’t really ever get old. (via Brit + Co)

39.Beetlejuice: Eyeballs and serious DIY mask-making skills are required for this monster version of the couple stuck in the attic in one of our favorite spooky flicks. (via Brit + Co)

40. David S. Pumpkins and the Skeletons: If you’ve yet to see this SNL‘s skit that this costume is based on, then TBH, you haven’t really lived. (via Brit + Co)

41. Waldo and Wenda: You can never go wrong with classic picture book characters like these two. But can you pick them out of the party crowd? (via Brit + Co)

42. The Gay Royalty: Fellow peasants, thou princes have arrived to rule the land and look damn good too. (via Brit + Co)

43. Bananas in Pyjamas: Let’s be real — the show Bananas in Pyjamas is pretty bizarre. But since we love eating bananas and we love wearing comfy pajamas, it kind of works, right?! (via Brit + Co)

44. Dino Duo: Quickly transform you and your bae or bestie into prehistoric creatures with this simple felt DIY, and you’ll be getting your roar on in no time. Pro tip: Be sure to practice that perfect dinosaur walk. (via Brit + Co)

45. Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe Pop Art: We think Marilyn said it best: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” And she’ll conquer the costume contest while she’s at it. (via Brit + Co)

46. Operation and Surgeon: Bringing this classic board game to life delivers comfort for the both of you, a hint of sexy, and without a doubt a buzzing nostalgia. (via Brit + Co)

47. Prince and David Bowie: These two next-level musicians will always hold a dear place in our hearts. (via Brit + Co)

48. Daria and Jane: All we have to say is: “You’re standing on my neck.” These two teens were never very impressed, but that somehow made us love and laugh with them even more. (via Brit + Co)

49. Wisdom Teeth Abbi and Co-Op Ilana: From two different Broad City episodes but perfect for pairing, this simple and non-basic costume will keep you feeling silly and shouting “yassqueen” to each other all night long. (via Brit + Co)

50. Carpool Karaoke: Is it just us, or is James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series one of the greatest gems of the internet? Try it out and pick from any of our favorite guests — like the always groovin’ Justin Timberlake. (via Brit + Co)

51. Nerd: This fail-safe costume always comes through when you’re in a bind. You might want to bring your Good Grammar Is Sexy tote for all the candy you’re going to score. (via Brit + Co)

52. Group Sushi Costume: Yum! Why not grab a few friends and dress up as your favorite roll? Sushi roll, that is. (via Brit + Co)


53. Uber and Lyft: We turned these two rival transportation companies into a very driven couple (see what we did there?!). Perhaps even a power (struggle) couple? (via Brit + Co)

54. Step Brothers: This is *such* a classic. Whether you’re partners, friends, or actual stepbrothers, it’s sheer comedic genius every time. (via Brit + Co)

55. Croquembouche: If you’re not familiar with this type of French wedding cake, it’s made from dozens of tiny cream puffs. So cute *and* delish! (via Studio DIY)

56. The Breakfast Club: “So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them.” (via Brit + Co)

57. Twins: Let’s journey back to 1988 when the world accepted the idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito could be… twins? Wait, WHAT? (via Brit + Co)

58. Juno: Next, we have everyone’s favorite pregnant teen, Juno! Channel a little bit of attitude and apathy, grab an empty Slurpee cup, and you are well on your way. (via Brit + Co)

59. Party Animals: Let’s turn the clocks back to this imaginary New Year’s Eve party in the ’50s and then get that simple pun of a costume on for all night fun — and probably lots of questions too. (via Brit + Co)

60. Googly Eyes: If you’re looking for something big and dramatic for Halloween photo time, these googly-eye balloons would make for some great party decor and a costume photo prop. (via Studio DIY)

61. Dumb and Dumber: “Oh look, frost!” (via Brit + Co)

62. Sriracha: Now you can dress as everyone’s favorite bottle with a green cap! But also, feel free to think outside the box. Use your imagination to be a “hot mama” if you’re expecting, “hot and bothered” with your BFF, a “hot ticket” if you’re on the prowl or (for your pooch perhaps?) a “hot dog.” (via Brit + Co)

63. Emoji Couple: Since we’re talking emoji here, here’s another adorable emoji couple costume that is sure to go viral. Plus, it’s really easy, considering you can make this costume using what’s already in your closet. (via Brit + Co)


64. French Fries: This costume is hilarious and, not to mention, it’s a DIY. The fries can be made using upholstery foam. (via Studio DIY!)

65. Trainwreck: This costume is definitely a potential rock-directly-from-your-closet look. Since this one is a little more understated, it will require you to play the part with your partner throughout the night. Don’t forget to brown bag it! (via Brit +Co)

66. #TheDress: This debate was one that divided families, ended friendships, and made you question your relationship. And now, the optical illusion is a totally wearable Halloween costume. (via Brit + Co)

67. Pancakes and Syrup: They say that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Grab your number two and rep this v. special meal in full stack and sticky syrup form. (via Brit + Co)

68. Takeout Night: A t-shirt that doubles as a costume? This is every procrastinator’s dream! (via Brit + Co)

69. Minions: When in doubt, you can always turn to animated movies for a little inspo. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making an adorable homemade Minion costume. (via Brit + Co)

70. Zoolander and Hansel: “Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he’s a cool dude!” (via Brit + Co)

71. Tight White Pants: No idea why this is hilarious? It’s definitely a deep cut, straight from Jimmy Fallon’s archive on The Tonight Show. (via Brit + Co)

72. John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Channel your inner rockstars by becoming these two legends this Halloween. (via Brit + Co)

73. Gilly and the Teacher: If you haven’t seen the SNL skit featuring Kristen Wiig, you’re overdue. “Her name is Gilly and she’s at it again, causing lots of ruckus like a barnyard hen. She’s always making trouble, her hair is like a bubble. Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Gilly.” (via Brit + Co)

74. Grand Budapest Hotel: In true Wes Anderson fashion, this movie cast is all kinds of quirky strange. (via Brit + Co)

75. Brawny Man: This is officially the easiest DIY costume ever, but it’s original enough that it still works. The Brawny Man is all kinds of handsome, so prepare to have a little arm candy by your side all night. (via Brit + Co)

76. Sizzling Bacon: Halloween just might be the only day of the year when wearing this dress would be remotely appropriate. Or, take the opportunity to channel Lady Gaga’s epic meat gown. (via Brit + Co)


77. Garth and Kat: Thanks to the regular SNLskit, our two favorite songwriters are welcome to crash any of our holiday parties! (via Brit + Co)

78. Zoya the Destroya and Liberty Belle: You’re destined to have a *knockout* Halloween when you dress up as this dynamic GLOW duo. We’re always in it to win it! (via Brit + Co)

79. Creepy Denim-Clad Horse People: Horseheads are a thing, and we happen to have two. So, if you really have no idea what to be this Halloween, just Amazon Prime a pair and get ready to get creepy all night long. (via Brit + Co)

80. Windblown Man: We’ve all had those bad umbrella days… (via Brit + Co)

81. Spice Girls: Though we’re all about bringing back Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh, and Ginger, go the unexpected route and simply dress up as your favorite spices. (via Brit + Co)

82. Breaking Bad: Meth is pretty romantic, you know? (via Brit + Co)

83. Hawaiian Punch: How ’bout a nice Hawaiian punch? This punny couples costume is part Hula Girl, part Rocky Balboa. (via Brit + Co)

84. Bun in the Oven: Maternity costume FTW! Dress your bump up as an actual bun in the oven. (via Brit + Co)

85. Hall and Oates: Yep. We went there. You really do make our dreams come true. (via Brit + Co)

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