Everyone is on a health kick these days — especially if you can call lazy girl-approved yoga poses in bed, easy ways to eat superfoods and doing yoga at a brewery a part of your new health routine. You can? Cool. Let’s add another cheers-able bev to that healthy lifestyle of yours — spiked seltzer. Just in time for summer.


Take your love of LaCroix and add in a bit of booze, and you’ve got the basics of this new drinkable trend. But what’s really got the Internet all abuzz is the fact that, unlike similar hard sodas, these emerging hard seltzers have low sugar, a low calorie count and a relatively high alcohol content.


Let’s look at the stats; Spiked Seltzer, a pioneer product in the field that launched a few years ago, advertises as all-natural, low-carb, gluten-free — all the key words we want to hear these days. And at only 140 calories (120 of those from alcohol from “cold-brewed sugar”), it’s definitely an alternative to more sugary, calorie-laden alcohol beverages. By comparison, a hard root beer can run about 400 calories and has a super high sugar content. Spiked Seltzer’s flavors, like Indian River Grapefruit, come from cold-pressed juice essence, and each can has 6.0% alcohol, compared to many light beers’ 4.0%.


New competitor Nauti Seltzer (which launches in April) has about the same contents, with 110 calories and 5.0% alcohol, with straightforward flavors like lime and raspberry.

There’s one potential downside: Reviews keep saying it doesn’t taste like alcohol, which could be dangerous if people drink it like it’s a refreshing LaCroix or throw in an extra shot. Keeping the ABV in mind, spiked seltzer just might be a great beer-alternative on those hot, sticky summer days coming up.

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(Images via Spiked Seltzer, @nautiseltzer)