One look at the rising thermometer and two things come to mind: switching out our winter wardrobe and changing up our cold-weather hair hue. You might automatically assume that bright blonde shades are the only way to go for a springtime refresh, but a handful of celebrity hair colorists are here to prove why that’s not always the case. For spring 2019, while blonde is part of the picture, glowing gingers, powdery pastels, and bold brunettes are also slated to be b-i-g. Keep scrolling for tips on all of the hottest hair colors this season.


There’s no time like spring to consider pastels. According to NYC-based colorist Stephanie Brown, who works with the likes of Kate McKinnon and Melissa Villaseñor, powdery tones are making a comeback — especially of the soft blue and pink variety. (Photo via Steve Granitz/ Getty)

Unlike some trendy hair hues, these are stunning on everyone. “The only downside with pastel colors like Lady Gaga’s is that your natural strands have to be bleached to within an inch of its life first to achieve that fantastical mermaid shade,” says NYC-based celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. “Bleaching the hair is definitely doable, but I suggest having it done by a professional and be very diligent about your upkeep. After all, pastel shades love to fade.”

Sunny Blonde

It’s time to lighten up in 2019. “Margot Robbie has the ultimate buttery blonde color, it looks like she just left the beach,” she says. (Photo via Dia Dipasupil/ Getty)

As much as you may want to hop onboard the sunshine strand train, keep in mind that it’s best for fair complexions. To achieve the bright hue, Hazan, who is the owner of her namesake salon in NYC, suggests asking your colorist for a full head of blonde highlights. “If you have a naturally darker base, you may need to have a single process done to lighten it first,” she points out. And if you do start with a darker base, you can always take the face-framing route, as opposed to all over.

Strawberry Honey

What’s warm weather without something sweet? Nope, we’re not only talking about dessert. This season, it’s all about a trendy strawberry hair color. “It’s the prettiest shade for blondes that want a slight red tint or redheads that want to be a bit [lighter] without taking the jump to fully commit to either color,” Brown, who works at the IGK Salon, says. Those with fair skin should ask for a strawberry base color with honey highlights to get the most flattering results. “If you have medium or darker tones, you can still try strawberry blonde, just keep it a slightly deeper and more neutral red, rather than a warmer shade,” Brown advises. (Photo via John Shearer/ Getty)

bronze highlights

According to Hazan and Beverly Hills-based celebrity hairstylist Linet K., a bronze blonde mane will be a standout this spring. Just look at Sofia Vergara (AKA Linet K.’s inspiration for the shade) and you’ll understand the hype. (Photo via George Pimentel/ Getty)

“The tone is great for olive and darker skin tones,” Hazan points out. “It complements and brings out the warmth in your complexion.” To achieve Vergara’s golden glow, she recommends asking your colorist to lighten your base a few shades and add light caramel highlights throughout.


Chocolate is more than just a tasty treat — it’s a source of 2019 hair color inspiration too. According to Hazan, the hue is rooted in a darker brown shade with slightly lighter ends, and it’s that gentle fade that makes the overall color look so rich and chocolatey. One peek at Taylor Hill’s dark lustrous mane and you’ll agree that the shade is absolutely delish. (Photo via Mike Coppola/ Getty)

Linet K., who works with America’s Next Top Model‘s India Gants, mentions that this rich brunette balayage suits anyone and everyone with fair, medium, olive, or deep skin tones. “Request a natural chocolate brown,” Hazan says. “I don’t want to say ‘ask for ombre’ because this is so subtle, but lighten some pieces on the ends.” To play it safe, she stresses the importance of brining a photo reference with you to illustrate your end goal. So, you know, just keep this article bookmarked on your phone.

Rooty Blonde

Root shadows are beloved near and far for the way they make hair colors more low maintenance. The technique requires your stylist to blend a tone similar or a bit deeper than your natural color into the highlighted tone so that when the roots grow out, there is little to no difference. “You get your highlights done and can let them grow out, especially if you already have naturally dark blonde strands,” Hazan says. Can’t quite picture it? Linet K. says to envision Rosie Huntington Whiteley. (Photo via Presley Ann / Stringer/ Getty)

The supermodel-approved hair color is ideal for all skin tones since it’s combining any blonde with a faux root that matches your natural mane. To score the look, request the blonde of your choosing and remind your stylist that you’d like an effortless growth period. This way they’ll know to shadow your roots.

blonde balayage

Balayage is another low-key coloring technique that’s expected to soar again this spring — especially when done in blonde locks. The color is characterized by dye applied to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair (as seen on Cara Delevingne above), which helps bypass the need for constant root touch-ups. (Photo via Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/ Getty)

Celebrity colorist Sherry Ratay mentions that the biggest lesson is to remember that less is more. “If you go too blonde, you’ll end up with a shade that’s more appropriate for the summer season,” she points out. Ask your colorist for baby blonde highlights, as the subtle hue paired with the thin highlights will create a stunning spring hue that looks totally natural.

Ginger Glow

A touch darker than strawberry blonde, ginger glow hair is all about a light-reflecting copper color that still looks natural. “It’s not exactly the classic red but it’s one step below,” Hazan says, mentioning Isla Fisher as the ultimate embodiment of the shade. (Photo via Jon Kopaloff / Stringer/ Getty)

While we totally understand wanting to hop on the crimson bandwagon regardless of skin tone, this shade looks best on paler skin tones. “If you have too much warmth in your complexion, it wouldn’t be the best color for you since it would wash you out,” Hazan says. To get the look, she suggests asking your colorist for ginger red with a neutral base tone.

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