Nothing kicks off a springtime party quite like a DIY piñata, and they’re even more fun when you DIY ’em on your own. But if after all that time spent snipping and glueing you just can’t bring yourself to fill them with candy and throw down like those #TBT days, piñatas *also* make killer photo booth props or colorful desk or kids room decor. Whichever route you go, these 16 DIY piñatas will be the life of your spring party decor or just an excuse to liven up your office a little. It’s totally up to you — piñata on!


1. Ice Cream Cone Piñata DIY: The only thing better than actual ice cream is an ice cream piñata filled with sugary goodness. Pick your own colors to make up your favorite creamy combination. (via Oh Happy Day)


2. Love Bug Piñata Box: A real VW may not be a super practical b-day option, but this DIY is totally doable. This adorable love bug even allows you to customize the vanity license plate! (via The House That Lars Built)


3. DIY Cotton Candy Piñata: This gorg piñata has some unbelievable texture. It’d also be a cute choice to hang in a kid’s room, if you opt not to smash it. After it serves its purpose as your spring party decor, fill it with goodies for your kid’s future birthday. Just don’t tell them about the secrets inside, because they’re sure to want to peek. (via Studio DIY)


4. Geometric Heart DIY: Save this pretty piñata for your next spring party. The colors are perfect for an engagement party, birthday party or even just to show your space some love. If you do decide to smash it, fill it with Hershey’s Kisses first. (via This Heart Is Mine)


5. DIY Gilded Piñata Makeover: Metallic paint can really make a statement. Glam up a piñata from the store for a simple update. It’s just as perfect for that upcoming event as it is for a decor piece. (via Studio DIY)


6. Cloud Piñata: This sweet little DIY will go with any spring party decor you have, especially for a child’s bday. It would also look great with some iridescent metallic paper, if you’re looking for a reason to add a little sparkle. (via Brit + Co)


7. Mini Piñata DIY: Everything is cuter in miniature form! These mini llamas would look great as centerpiece decor or party favors. (via Oh Happy Day)


8. Zodiac Piñata: Every Zodiac sign deserves their own respective piñata. Just be sure to fill these with goodies that all of the signs will enjoy too. (via The House That Lars Built)


9. Kleenex Box Piñata: If you have a Kleenex box laying around, you have a future party prop! Who knew allergy season could be so awesome? (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Roller Skate Piñata: We all remember those #TBT birthday parties at the good ol’ roller rink. Relive the ’90s girl dream with this breathtaking work of art. (via Oh Happy Day)


11. DIY Camera Piñata: This little camera will make itself right at home on your IG feed. And no need to stuff it full of treats — keep it around to use as a photobooth prop. Say cheese! (via Alana Jones-Mann)


12. DIY Hair Piñata: This festive spin on our favorite get-ready tools would make some A+ photo props. But if you must stuff them, go with beauty samples instead of candy for the birthday beauty enthusiast. (via The House That Lars Built)


13. DIY Mini Fruit Faux Piñata Garland: Not all piñatas are created equal. Keep these little guys from getting smashed and hang them up around the party table instead. (via Persia Lou)


14. DIY Mini Emoji Piñata: Fun times call for only the best emoji clusters. And these little guys are so cute, you’ll wanna keep them around all year long. LOL-worthy holiday ornaments, anyone? (via I Spy DIY)


15. DIY Lemon Piñata: Your party could use something with a little pucker. Add a bomb lemonade recipe to the party menu, and keep the lemon love going with this party prop. (via Studio DIY)


16. Miniature Unicorn Piñata: This little guy was made to add some posi vibes to a desk or even the kiddo’s room. Just promise you won’t destroy it and risk that unicorn magic slipping away. (via A Subtle Revelry)

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