We know your little ones grow up way too fast. And that鈥檚 why we鈥檙e here to help you to capture those precious (and fleeting) moments with these awesome photo prop DIYs. Whether you鈥檙e having a photo shoot with a professional photographer or are trying to muster up ideas for your own DIY photo booth, these props with bring out the C-U-T-E in your kiddo. So, get to planning that super creative event with these photo ideas and get ready to capture your babes in all their glory.


1. Big Balloon: Giant balloons make everything better. If your wee one isn鈥檛 quite ready for the whole photo booth thing, DIY a garland tassel balloon like this one for an adorable, no-fuss prop. (via Etsy)


2. Super Hero Photo Booth: We鈥檙e pretty sure we want this at OUR next birthday party, but in the meantime, DIY this fun photo booth for your aspiring super hero. (via Babycchino Kids)


3. Cloud Mobile Backdrop: Take your sweetheart to the moon and back with this cloud mobile made of card stock. Just cut through the center to piece together this adorable backdrop. They鈥檙e also available for sale on Etsy. (Photo via Etsy)


4. Raining Hearts: This cute DIY would be amazing for Valentine鈥檚 Day, but just imagine all the other occasions you could make this for. Think four-leaf clovers for St. Paddy鈥檚 Day or numbers for birthdays. We could go on and on. (via Lookieloo Photography)


5. DIY Circus-Inspired Frame: Sometimes the best prop is a fun frame. Just add a coat of paint, some curtains and a colorful garland and before you know it you鈥檒l have some flat-out adorable shots on your hands. These circus-themed printables probably wouldn鈥檛 hurt either. (via Bird鈥檚 Party)


6. DIY Watercolor Hat: More balloons鈥 and a pretty watercolor party hat. Get your little one in the party spirit with a hat like this one. Make as many as you like for an inexpensive party-hat alternative. (via Oh Happy Day)

prop 4

7. Bell of the Ball: We can鈥檛 decide which is our favorite Disney princess either. Why not get a chance to be all of them? We think this would make any little princess鈥 dreams come true. (via J@monkey)

prop 2

8. Oversized Blooms: This oversized flower would look great in a photo booth or right next to a tiny babe all curled up. Try saving it to take an annual photo to show how much your little one has grown every year. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


9. Sailor Props: Ahoy, matey! This nautical photo booth is perfect for a birthday party. You could even inspire your little maker to DIY some of their own props. (via Diaper Style Memories)

prop 6

10. Lacey Crowns: Learn to make these adorably tiny crowns for your own tiny one. Pair it with a soft white, lacy and pillowy background to really get the full effect on your photos. (via Tater Tots and Jello)


11. Puppy Kissing Booth: Show both of your children some love with a puppy kissing booth. There鈥檚 nothing like the combo of pups and kiddies to create some heartwarming shots. (via Jessica Davis Photography)


12. Printables: If it isn鈥檛 obvious by now, we LOVE printables. They鈥檙e easy, cheap and definitely make for some of the most hilarious photos. Bonus points if you add a fun DIY backdrop to make the ultimate photo booth for all the little loves in your life. (via iHeartFaces)


13. DIY Fringe-y Monogram: Fringe is definitely in, so why not make your wee one鈥檚 photo backdrop as trendy as they are? (via Oh Happy Day)

What photo props do you love? Any fun photo booth ideas to share? Let us know in the comments!