The answer is yes: You need a piñata at your next party. What’s the occasion? Doesn’t matter. All parties need a big colorful piñata as the decor centerpiece. Whether you’re throwing a fall soiree, a fun birthday party or a holiday get-together, they could all use a piñata. You can fill them with candy and beat them to a pulp, use them as fabulous party decoration or give them away as wonderful presents. With 30 DIY options, we’ve got piñatas in every shape, size and theme imaginable. So grab a pair of scissors and crepe paper, and start making some fringe.

1. Present Piñata: Cut brightly colored crepe paper into long fringe strips and wrap them around cardboard boxes for a pretty spin on holiday tradition. These frilly boxes create fabulous decor for any occasion. (via DIY Network)

2. Ice Cream Cone: No matter what the read on the thermometer is, we’re always fans of ice cream. These little guys are the perfect size to hand out as super special party favors. Or fill them with candy for a more traditional piñata. (via Oh Happy Day)

3. Easter Eggs: Fill each of these mini piñatas with a surprise gift for a personalized party treat. If you can’t bring yourself to crush them, you could always make them into a colorful garland. (via A Subtle Revelry)

4. Birthday Cake: The only thing better than cake is a piñata shaped like a cake. (via Studio DIY)

5. Candy Corn: Celebrate the season with some candy corn inside a candy corn piñata. (via Brit + Co)

6. Flower Filled Piñata: Maybe you aren’t looking for a sugar rush. If you just want some pretty decor, try filling the piñata with flowers — fresh or fake — for an unexpected surprise. (via Free People)

7. Giant Popsicle: You better stock up on a whole lotta candy if you want to fill this sucker. (via Oh Happy Day)

8. Christmas Cracker: These are almost too pretty to break. Almost. (via Martha Stewart)

9. Piñata-gram: What is a piñata-gram? Well, it’s a mini piñata that you fill up and mail to someone! No box required. (via Studio DIY)

10. Silver Diamond: If you’re going to make a piñata this enormous, might we suggest making it with a couple friends, some Netflix and something warm to drink? (via Best Friends for Frosting)

11. Moon Pinata: Set the mood with some lunar love. This tutorial shows you how to make any shape using cardboard instead of paper mache, making this project a whole lot less mess. (via Oh Happy Day)

12. Mini Gems: Way too cute to be smashed to bits, these little jewels could be used as place holders, table decor, party favors or hung from the ceiling for extra dazzle. (via Lovely Indeed)

13. Tinsel Ornament Piñatas: Deck the halls with a bunch of these festive piñatas for some terrific seasonal decor you’ll want to use every year. (via Studio DIY)

14. Faceted Birthday Piñata: Celebrate those big numbers with an equally impressive shiny piñata. (via Confetti Pop)

15. Tissue Box Piñata: Why go to extra work making a cardboard box when you can just use a conveniently empty tissue box? There is even an opening to put candy and goodies already. (via Studio DIY)

16. Heart of Gold Rocket Ship: Don’t be square! This rocket ship features a pull handle so you can just give it a yank and have confetti come pouring out of it instead of destroying all your hard work. (via Oh My Handmade)

17. Cactus Piñata: Embrace some Southwestern attitude with a prickly cactus piñata. Depending on the look you want, you could add some colorful flowers to the arms. (via Snowdrop and Company)

18. Italic Monogram: This lovely monogram piñata would be a special surprise for a bestie. (via Oh Happy Day)

19. Flamingo Piñata: We won’t turn down any excuse to have a pink flamingo in our yard, especially one as colorful and fun as this giant piñata. (via Studio DIY)

20. Valentine Love: Finally, piñatas that show the world how much we love candy. (via Whimsey Box)

21. Fox Face: Who knew a simple star shape could turn into the cutest little fox face. (via Oleander and Palm)

22. The Taco: Feel like you’re slipping into a sugar coma? Enter the savory taco piñata with all of its colorful deliciousness. (via Studio DIY)

23. Valentine Hearts: Instead of destroying this piñata to get to the goodness inside, these little hearts open up like a box so your loved one can keep it around and think of you every time they reuse it. Sigh. (via Brit + Co)

24. Christmas Trees: These are meant to sit by your door and make a festive scene, but if you wanted to seal them up and beat them to a pulp, we won’t try to stop you. (via Hello Natural)

25. LEGO Head Piñata: Hmm, we’re getting inspired to make some emoji-fied versions of the above… anyone else?? (via Bird’s Party)

26. Shooting Star: This piñata is suspended from the ceiling, but the long ribbons that touch the floor gives the illusion that it’s floating. (via Confetti Pop)

27. Mini Piñatas: Get the kids to help make these adorable mini piñatas. (via Little Inspiration)

28. Pineapple Piñata: Oh, hey there, pineapple. We were wondering when we were going to see you in fabulous piñata form. (via Studio DIY)

29. Geometric : Not only are these piñatas super trendy with their faceted shapes, they are looking pretty fancy with that extra bit of gold fringe. PS, does Studio DIY know piñatas or do they KNOW piñatas? (via Studio DIY)

30. Mini Piñatas: Handheld piñatas are just as fun. Pass ’em out as favors at a kid’s party so everyone gets to bust one open. (via A Blackbird’s Epiphany)

Have you ever made your own piñatas? Talk to us in the comments below!