Get your green t-shirts and beers ready: St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, people! Though we’re sure you’ve got the food, booze and your duds for the day covered, you need a place to go. If your hometown isn’t down with the shenanigans and malarkey, pack your shamrocks and head to one of these cities that’s known for their St. Paddy’s Day festivities.


1. Chicago: The Windy City knows how to throw a parade — they even dye the river green! We can definitely get down with making things more colorful. (via Chicago St. Pat’s Parade)


2. New York: Like to be where the party’s at? NYC’s parade welcomes up to two million people annually. That’s A LOT of lucky people sham-rocking out for St. Patrick’s Day. (via Allison Joyce/Getty Images)


3. Kansas City, MO: We love KC’s homemade take on parading. Families, businesses and individuals can all contribute their own floats or acts to the parade, and the best floats are decided by the community. (via KC Irish Parade)

Savannah Bleachers

4. Savannah, GA: Keeping with the expectation of the south being laid back, Savannah’s parade offers reserved bleacher seats for spectators to sit on. No sore feet here, and everyone can see, so everyone wins. (via Stay in Savannah)

St Pats NOLA

5. New Orleans, LA: The Big Easy isn’t just a Mardi Gras spot, y’all. NOLA also holds a pretty kick-ass St. Paddy’s Day parade, complete with the city’s signature beads. (via St. Patrick’s Day New Orleans)


6. Austin, TX: The city known for community and innovation — think SxSW — also has a great celebration going on for St. Patrick’s Day. Part parade, part festival and all fun, the festivities in Austin will keep everyone in your family smiling. (via Dale Rempert/St. Patrick’s Day Austin)


7. San Francisco: You know we couldn’t leave the home of Brit + Co HQ off this list! Dressed-up trolleys, colorful displays and warmth (We’re looking at you, New Englanders) await. (via SF Tourism Tips)

Seattle Dash

8. Seattle: Hate sitting still? Seattle understands. Their take on the parade is a 5K race, possibly the fittest of St. Patrick’s Day events. (via St. Pats Dash)

Hot Springs

9. Hot Springs, Arkansas: Blink, and you’ll miss it. This little town keeps things short and sweet, boasting the world’s shortest parade. Bonus: You’ll have lots more time to drink! (via Shortest St. Pats)


10. San Diego: Head to what the locals call “America’s Finest City” for the largest parade in the west. This year’s lineup promises floats, dancers, vintage cars, roller derby and even clowns, so there’s truly something for everyone. (via St Pats Parade)


11. Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix has the utimate parade/festival mash-up. Watch till the end to see who this year’s Queen is, then head to the fair for tons of family fun. (via St. Patrick’s Day Phoenix)


12. Oahu: It may not be on the mainland, but Hawaii’s got a pretty sweet parade going on. If you’re looking to get more out of your visit, take a short vacay and check out the block party or the Aloha Tower Marketplace celebration. (via Beyond Honolulu)


13. Boston: History buffs: Boston is calling. Head to Beantown to catch the longest-running St. Patrick’s Day parade around, even beating Ireland to the punch. Hit up the Harpoon Brewery when you’re done, and you’ve got yourself a ballerific day of festivites. (via South Boston Parade)

What will you be doing on St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us where you’re headed in the comments!