Peeps (no, not those kind!), Mardi Gras is tomorrow. If you’re planning on celebrating this festive occasion, we won’t judge you for ending up with five too many strands of colorful Mardi Gras beads. The question is, what should you do with them when you’re done strutting your stuff? The answer? One of these 12 things! :)

1. Beaded Pendant Light: First up, who says you need fancy wooden beads to make this statement piece of lighting? A can of spray paint begs to differ ;) (via Dollar Store Crafts)

2. Mardi Gras Coasters: What would a Mardi Gras party be without the right coasters? Use your beads from last year to set the stage at this year’s festivities. (via Rust & Sunshine)

3. Black and Fuchsia Statement Necklace: Add a bit of ribbon to the scene and you’ve got a quick and easy statement necklace. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Colorful Beaded Chandelier: More lighting! This rainbow-y chandelier is definitely time-intensive but could be fun to remix with an ombre pattern. (via Makely School for Girls)

5. Tassel Pendant Necklace: When in doubt, you can always put a tassel on it ;) (via Make It & Fake It)

6. Bold Bauble Bangle: We created this chunky bangle with nothing but beads and wire. It almost jingles when you wear it! (via Brit + Co.)

7. Knotted Necklace: Confession: This is not an actual tutorial BUT, we totally get how this could inspire some Mardi Gras makery. (via Creating Really Awesome Free Things)

8. Ribbon Wrapped Bangles: How fun are these? This summer’s friendship bracelet just got remixed. (via Mark Montano)

9. Monogram Letter: M is for Mardi Gras? (via Mardi Gras Outlet)

10. Mason Jar Luminaries: Love these luminaries for a holiday centerpiece or evening wedding aisle. (via cattales on Etsy)

11. Holiday Ornaments: Spray paint those beads and turn ’em in to chic Christmas ornaments in a jiffy. (via Craftberry Bush)

12. Beaded Boxes: And finally, a bead EXPLOSION! These boxes are a little too crazy crafty for us, but we have to appreciate the color love. (via Aunt Peaches)

Are you planning to party down for Mardi Gras? Talk to us in the comments below.