By now, the word is out that sitting all day is not so great for your health. In fact, some experts say it actually takes years off your life. And while there are a number of standing desks on the market, most of them are pretty expensive. When he couldn’t find a standing desk that was both easy to use, comfortable and inexpensive, innovator Nick Salisbury decided to design his own.

It took him eight months of tinkering, but he finally has a product, and it’s getting crazy buzz. Perch Sit-to-Stand is a desk with a lower-level platform to use while sitting and a high-level platform to use while standing, so you don’t have to do a thing to adjust your working level. That’s pretty nifty if you are the type of person (read: normal) who doesn’t want to sit or stand all day. The other cool feature that makes this standing desk stand out (pun intended!) is the adjustable, multi-level shelving. No matter what your work decor style is — hanging succulents? bookshelves? — you can customize your desk space.

The craftman already met his funding goal on Kickstarter, so this baby should be hitting the market in February. The smaller size will retail for $199 (or $179 if you order it early) and a larger version will go for $299. Head to the Kickstarter page for more info.

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