Maybe it’s time to ditch the chair. A new study says that students with standing desks are much more attentive than their seated peers.

The results comes from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health. The data shows that kids are 12% more engaged in classrooms with standing desks. This makes sense: Standing up helps with blood flow and circulation, and it breaks up the monotony of work.


And it’s not just the brain that benefits. Students at standing desks are also said to burn 15% more calories than students at traditional desks.


Perhaps adults should adopt this philosophy at the workplace as well. According to research by the British Heart Foundation, a person could burn around 30,000 extra calories per year by simply standing for two to three hours a day at work. These days, you can even get yourself a fancy treadmill desk.

Simply put, we think better on our feet.

Do you work at a standing desk? What do you think about giving them to kids too? Let us know in the comments below!