You spend a good portion of your day at your desk. Why not make it a creative space that reflects your personality? We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite creative and beautiful desks to make your home office a space you actually want to spend time in. And if these aren’t your speed we have DIY options, wall-mounted ideas, and even a few standing desks. Now, get to work!

1. Minimal Float Wall Desk ($699): Keep the space on your floor clear by hanging this floating desk. We love how it acts as shelf until the desktop slides out.

2. Wallflower Wall Office ($1,021): The beauty of this leaning desk is in its simplicity. There is no wasted space or superfluous adornment—just clean lines and a space-saving profile.

3. Audio Desk ($3,950): Slide open the panels on the upper shelf of this desk to reveal a state of the art audio system. You’ll never work quietly again.

4. Murphy Desk ($143): If you’re short on space, install one of these desks that folds up into a wall cabinet. Not only will it save precious real estate in your living room or bedroom, it will also hide any clutter.

5. Mid-Century Desk ($599): Get that perfect mid-century desk without scouring flea markets and estate sales. Plus, this one is made of FSC certified sustainable materials.

6. Doodle Desk: For those that need to be able to write and doodle while brainstorming (or on those dreaded conference calls), this doodle desk is the perfect solution. The surface is one gigantic notepad. (via Yanko Design)

7. Flatmate Secretary ($1,448): Talk about a low profile! This slim desk is a fantastic update on the traditional secretary design. We love that hides everything away when you’re not working.

8. Envelop Desk ($960): The ultimate in ergonomics and high design, this desk from Herman Miller is a fit for any home or office.

9. Goggle Desk (price upon request): The sleek rounded lines of this desk are unlike anything we’ve seen before. It feels like it’s straight out of the reception area at Runway magazine.

10. Airplane Flap Desk (price upon request): Think of this as a whole new way to help your career take flight. A desk made from salvaged airplane parts is sure to help you reach new heights. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

11. Fortress Desk ($810): You can be queen of the office with this castle desk. Yes, we know it’s technically for the kids, but it would make the workday more fun.

12. Rewrite Desk (price upon request): Perfect for those who are easily distracted. This desk looks like a better designed version of the privacy cubbies we used to “study” in at the library. Only now they come in bright colors.

13. The Original California Desk ($2,950): We’re obsessed with this California-shaped desk. Gotta show our state pride! (Get more travel decor ideas here.)

14. Little Mountain Whale Desk: A brighter take on the traditional wooden desk, this walnut desk was designed specifically for a client. But it would be easy to DIY your own version using a vintage or thrifted desk in need of an upgrade. (via Kevin Michael Burns)

15. Rubberized School Desk: While technically designed for schools, we love the idea of having one of these in our homes. It’s perfect if you’re short on space, and just need a dedicated space to work, pay bills, or e-mail your friends and family. (via Yanko Design)

Bonus! Hot Desk: Sadly, this desk isn’t for sale, but it’s tool cool not to include it. The amazing part is that the right hand side of the desk is actually held up by the balloons. The balloons themselves are made of a rubber that won’t degrade or leak, so they will hold the helium indefinitely. We definitely want one of these for Brit HQ. (via Boys and Girls)

Which of these desks is at the top of your wish list? Tell us in the comments!