When you didn’t think Star Wars could get any better, they went ahead and made The Force Awakens, starring a badass woman who — dare I say — rivals Daenerys Targaryen as a fierce and courageous heroine. That being said, this is the perfect costume for any gal who has the desire to channel her inner warrior this year for Halloween. And let’s be real — Rey is a total babe, so if you want to go for the “sexy” Halloween look, this one will win you some whistles. Created by the talented Misty Spinney, this costume is v. easy to re-create. Plus, if you are looking for a couples costume, we’ve got an equally spot-on Finn tutorial that your partner in crime can DIY. Read on for our notes!

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume

Materials and Tools:

  • cream colored fabric
  • cream colored cotton long sleeve shirt
  • brown faux leather
  • tan dress slacks
  • black booties
  • closet dowel
  • black tape
  • cardboard
  • black spray paint

How to Make Rey’s Dress

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume

Start off by cutting the sleeves off the long sleeve cotton top. Cut the main piece into a tube top, then trim the upper portion of the sleeves to make arm bands. You can cut pieces of fabric from the cream colored fabric to add around your arms (secure in place with fashion tape). For the dress, depending on your size, you can lay out 1-3 yards of cream colored fabric. Cut a slit lengthwise down the top center of the fabric, stopping about halfway. Then do the same cut starting from the bottom center of the fabric, leaving a band of uncut fabric in the middle. Lay the fabric over your head (with fabric strips on each shoulder) and then you will wrap the satchel around your waist to hold in place.

How to Make Rey’s Satchel

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume Satchel

It takes a yard and a half of fake leather to make this piece. Simply sew a square pouch with a flap to start. Cut a large strip of fabric that will fit around your waist leaving a bit of extra fabric so that you can attach it. Make the strip approximately 10 inches wide. Cut a slit so the top part of the fabric can wrap around your waist, the lower part can hang down and you can attach the pouch to it. Wrap the fabric around your waist to measure the length and trim to fit (leaving the lower strap longer). I used fashion tape to secure the waistband and then sewed the pouch to the lower strap so it wouldn’t fall off. To take it on and off, you just have to slide it over your head.

How to Make Rey’s Staff

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume Staff

Cut out pieces of cardboard and tape them onto the closet dowel. Then spray paint the entire thing black. You can attach a piece of fabric to make a shoulder strap, then cover the part you tie around the staff with black tape to hold it in place.

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume

With mad hops like that, a Jedi you will be.

What other Star Wars costumes have you created for Halloween? We’d love to see your work. Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!

Author: Roxy Taghavian and Misty Spinney

DIY Design and Production: Misty Spinney

Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre

Modeling: Paige Sager