There are so many iconic characters from Star Wars, even half-assed fans of the series would recognize them. There’s Leia (we DIYed her bikini costume), Chewbacca (or better yet, Chewbacca Mom), R2D2 and Luke, of course. But this year we’re tapping the latest Star Wars for Halloweenspiration. Today we’re saluting the lovable hero Finn with a costume DIY. Follow along for the deets!

Star Wars Finn Costume

Materials and Tools:

— leather jacket

— black t-shirt

— black pants

— brown shoes

— toy gun

— red acrylic paint

— cargo (tan) spray paint

— black spray paint

— X-ACTO knife

— paint brush sponge

Star Wars Finn Costume

If you can find an inexpensive tan leather jacket, then props to you! I couldn’t, so I ended up scoring a black leather jacket at the thrift store for $15! To replicate Finn’s jacket, I added a few coats of tan spray paint — no taping necessary. Once that dried, I used a sponge paint brush to tap a red acrylic paint onto the upper shoulder/chest area. Finally, I used an X-ACTO knife to make slits down the arms to create the textured look he has on his jacket.

Star Wars Finn Costume

If you happen to find an all black toy gun, get it! I just ordered a colorful one and spray painted it black to make it look more badass.

Star Wars Finn Costume

For the rest of Finn’s outfit, all you need is a pair of black pants, a black tee and some brown leather shoes. Done and done!

May the force be with you this Halloween!

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Author(s): Roxy Taghavian and Misty Spinney

Production and Styling: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre

Modeling: Baldwin Cunningham

(photo via LucasFilms)