For this week’s DIY basic, we’re getting wordy with it. Wordy accessories, that is. You’ve likely seen your share of personalized bracelets, rings, and necklaces a la the famous Carrie necklace from Sex and the City. What you might not realize though, is that these are extremely easy to make! They’re great for personal use, but make awesome gifts, cake toppers, place cards, and more.


– needle nose pliers

– wire cutters

– copper or brass wire (available on Amazon)

– copper, brass, or gold-plated chain

Gather your materials. Make sure the gold tones you’ve got match or contrast sharply.

Write or print out the word you’ll be creating a wire pendant out of.

Then simply take your wire and hold it one end and “trace” your word with the end using your needle nose pliers.

Cut off at the end once you’re done and curl the end in a little bit. Then simply attach chain and you’re done!

Such a fun DIY twist on the word necklace!

As you can see, we nerded out and used Brit’s Twitter handle as our “word” of choice.

You can also make a really sweet bracelet using just the wire.

This would make a beautiful bridesmaid gift.

And as a cake or cupcake topper with words of gratitude, encouragement, or love.

Lastly, the wire word art that inspired our post! This piece acted as a place card at a wedding Brit attended and is now perfect as a bookmark.

And if you’ve got small pieces of wire (like from Christmas ornaments) that you’d like to repurpose, be sure to check out our post from last Christmas on how to turn ornament wire into gorgeous pendants.

Have you tried your hand at wire word accessories? Or know of other cool ways to personalize necklaces, bracelets, and more? Talk to us in the comments below.