While we can鈥檛 get enough of shopping for lip colors and mascaras at Sephora, finding that perfect foundation shade 鈥 especially if you fall into the not-fair, not-deep tone range 鈥 can be beyond daunting. Often we鈥檙e left with mixing two different products to find the right match, which isn鈥檛 the easiest of solutions. Well, a brand-new, exclusive-to-Sephora makeup line is here to ease the struggle. Keep reading to learn why we鈥檙e officially #obsessed with Stellar makeup.

Stuck in the Middle: Founder and CEO Monika Deol noticed there were plenty of shades of foundation and makeup out there made for fair skin and darker skin tones. However, there weren鈥檛 many in the medium range 鈥 something she, as an Indian-born (and Canada-raised) woman, was keenly aware of as she began a career in media. 鈥淲orking in Canadian television and entertainment for many years gave me some insight into the lack of makeup choices for women of color,鈥 she tells Brit + Co. 鈥淚 had a feeling that even though we make up two-thirds of the world鈥檚 population, and are the fastest growing demographic in North America, the world of beauty wasn鈥檛 keeping up with us.鈥 (Photo via d. picard)

Because, Science: That鈥檚 when Deol started obsessively looking into what currently existed at Sephora. She carefully curated a spreadsheet of every foundation the store sold (seriously, who does that!?) and graphed everything against the Pantone Skin Tone chart, because, science. 鈥淣ot surprisingly, I found the left side with light skin tones saturated, with many offerings at all price points. The far right side of the chart was surprisingly well populated,鈥 she noted. 鈥淚n the middle, for all my medium skin tone squad-Indian, Hispanic, Latina, Filipino, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, Mediterranean, Afro-American, mixed race, etc., it was rather sparse!鈥 Even more sparse? A price point for medium skin tones at $50 and under. That鈥檚 when Deol had a major 鈥渁-ha鈥 moment and knew she had to do something. 鈥淢akeup was always an obsession. Now it was a mission. I wanted Stellar to deliver to all skin tones and over-deliver to the medium skin tone range,鈥 she says.

The line includes foundation, concealer, powders, lipsticks, mascara, and more, but here鈥檚 everything we can鈥檛 wait to get our hands on.

1. Stellar Limitless Concealer ($27): If you鈥檝e ever tried to cover up your flaws with a concealer that didn鈥檛 match your complexion, you know how ridiculous it can look. You won鈥檛 have that problem here.

2. Stellar Infinite Lipstick ($22): The collection isn鈥檛 limited to the face. We鈥檙e partial to the lipstick that leave a saturated color (choose from 14 shades) with a subtly shiny finish.

3. Stellar Limitless Foundation ($38): It鈥檚 available in 20+ varieties, so you know you can find your match. It鈥檚 also lightweight and natural feeling so your skin won鈥檛 feel oily 鈥 because no one wants that.

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