Large, colorful, nature-inspired rings have been the rage for a while now. We’ve crushed hard on huge crystal rings, agate slice rings, and wooden rings. And then we recently stumbled across this tutorial and knew we had to drum up our own color-crazed take. Each of these rings take less than 5 minutes of active time to make, with a couple breaks here and there for dry time. Here’s how we did it!

 – black or gray stones (available at home & garden stores)

– paint pens

– brass or silver ring pads

paint pens
Gorilla Epoxy Glue
– painters tape

– spray shellac

Gather your supplies. We found a bag of black stones at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can also try garden stores, hardware stores, and the like.

Start with basic patterns like stripes, polka dots, and the ever-present chevron. We love the contrast of the deep black stone with our bright and springy paint pens.

If you like a little more precision, you can also use painters tape to create geometric shapes, like a triangle on a triangle-shaped stone!

Look at all those pretty stones in a row. Spray them with a coat of spray shellac and let dry for 15 minutes. Then it’s time to turn them into rings!

Mix up your epoxy glue as directed on the bottle. We recommend mixing on a plate and using a popsicle stick as a glue applicator. Apply glue to a ring pad, press it onto each stone, and let dry.

We let our rings dry for about an hour before putting them on.

And then, we obviously had to put ALL of them on!! So silly.

Definitely a boho chic take on brass knuckles, don’t you think?

What trends have you seen lately that you’d like to try to DIY? Tell us and we’ll give them a try.