If you’re looking to take your jewelry box to the next level of beautiful bling, try going au natural with stones, gems, and geodes. While beads, chain, and sequins are a total blast (we’re firm believers!), there’s something so refined about wearing the real thing. Just check out these 30 gem-adorned earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that you can buy or DIY and we promise you’ll be rocking these rocks in no time :)

1. Fortuna Gem Drops ($34): Dyed jade pebbles dangle from these pretty piercings. Their gem-cut surface gives these everyday earrings some extra sparkle.

2. Hops in Neon ($49): How gorgeous are these easter egg colored gemstones? A neon pink cord is an amazing contrast to the canary yellow, mint, and olive colored gems.

3. Turquoise Dagger Cuff Bracelet ($56): With this variety of gorgeous dagger stones, how can you choose just one bracelet? Lucky for us these vintage brass cuffs look amazing stacked on your arm.

4. Stone Ring: Revel in the natural beauty of these simple stones with this basic DIY. Once you’ve superglued your stone to a ring base you’ll be slipping it on in no time. (via I Spy DIY)

5. Leverback Gem Slices Earrings ($48): While there are no actual jewels in these earrings, pleated brass creates a beautiful gem cut on each piece. We deem these totally wow-worthy.

6. Stone Filled Metal Bracelet: This awesome bracelet proves yet again that the hardware store is a DIY-er’s best friend. A copper test cap usually used for plumbing purposes is the perfect vessel to hold this sea of mini multi-colored stones. (via studs & pearls)

7. Carlton Ring ($195): Swarovski crystals radiate on this gold plated cigar ring. We love the playful placement of those long and lean gems.

8. Rope and Stone Necklace: Mixing textures like jagged stone and smooth rope is what makes this necklace such a standout piece. Gold hardware dresses up this nautical-inspired necklace. (via I Spy DIY)

9. Stone Dangle Earrings ($34): Boho chic goes glam with these polished stone earrings. We love how each stone varies slightly in size.

10. Rose Gold Quartz Shard Studs ($68): Shards of shimmering quartz make totally mystical earrings. Rose gold studs grip onto each precious stone like talons.

11 DIY Gold Dipped Quartz Necklace: Dreamy quartz is made even more covetable with gold gilded edges. While this blogger wraps her gem around a black cord, we’d stick with the gold theme and hang ours from a chunky chain. (via Chic Steals)

12. Stone Cap Ring: This cap ring is like the stone filled metal bracelet’s little cousin. A brass cap is filled with strong craft glue and stacked to the brim with tiny turquoise stones. How rad does it look with that matte mani? (via studs & pearls)

13. Gray Botswana Ring (roughly $302): The unique 18-karat gold closures hug this grey stone tightly in place. There’s an ever-so-slight orange iridescence on the far side of this stone that makes it especially stunning.

14. Tiny 5 Gemstone Necklace ($109): Five tiny gems dot this delicate chain for an undoubtedly elegant look. Each semi-precious stone is shaped into a faceted raindrop that hangs naturally on the neckline.

15. Quartz Crystal Bangle ($595): A crown of crystals tops this killer statement piece. Would you splurge on this in-your-face rose gold bangle?

16. Tiny Amethyst Point ($80): If you’re looking for something a little less fierce, then this lone amethyst necklace is definitely for you. We love the gem’s fade from lavender to crystal clear.

17. Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry: If you need something to do with your beach rock collection, look no further. Once you know which types of stones are fit for drilling, the DIY jewelry possibilities are endless! (via Paper & Stitch)

18. Agate Graduated Stone Necklace ($88): If you’re looking to add some high drama to your outfit, try rocking this weighty necklace. Jagged cut agate stones circle around the neck like a modern Victorian collar.

19. Gold Gilded Geode Ring: Jagged cuts make these sparkling geodes look supernatural. To make this amazing cocktail ring, just paint their flattest side with liquid guiding and glue onto a ring base of the same metallic color. (via Swellmayde)

20. DIY Agate Necklace: Don’t even think about drilling through these delicate agate slices – a hardware hack and a dab of gel epoxy is all it takes to get these geodes neck-ready. Their ombre rings glow like natural stained glass. (via Dans le Townhouse)

21. Beach Stone DIY Bracelet Kit ($28): Would you ever guess that these “beach stones” are actually handmade glass beads? Wavy grains and marble finish makes each bead look like it was just plucked from a riverbed. The “stones” and cord are sent piece by piece for you to assemble as you choose.

22. Ombre Birthstone Jewelry ($65): We’re dazzled by the ombre effect achieved by stacking sapphires from dark indigo to pale blue. While these gems are super tiny, this necklace is sure to wow.

23. Memory Wire Gemstone Cuff: You’ll be blown away by how easy it is to make this gem-filled cuff. Simply string gemstone chips until each row of memory wire is covered. (via Whatsername Jewelry)

24. DIY Bullet Shell Casing Necklace: Turn bullet shells into something bright and beautiful with this crystal DIY. You’ll need to crank out some power tools to make each shell necklace-ready, but the result is right on trend. (via Dans le Townhouse)

25. Fluorite Necklace ($54): A hefty chunk of fluorite is given the gold treatment for this stand out piece. We’re digging it’s unusual square shape.

26. Spiky Crystal Ring: Assemble this craggy ring crystal by crystal. Keep ’em naturally clear or use a metallic spray paint to give it some rock and roll edge. (via Transient Expression)

27. The Circle Crystal Bracelet ($22): Hey Swellmayde readers, have you checked out blogger Aimee’s jewelry designs? We love this crystal ball bracelet – it’s delicate and definitely chic.

28. Golden Stone Ring: Be a fairy godmother to your slate colored stones and glam them up with gold. Be it with spray paint, wire or both, they’ll look ultra luxe after their magical makeover. (via Merrythought)

29. Turquoise Orbita Necklace ($58): Gems drip in all shapes, sizes and colors on this whimsical necklace. The bronze and copper tones in the rope and chain make it a majorly elegant piece.

30. Ahtad Turquoise Ring ($155): Turquoise is definitely the queen of stone jewelry, and it looks nothing less than dashing on this keystone ring. The rope detailing gives off some especially southwestern vibes.

Do you wear jewelry made of natural gems? What stones or geodes are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!