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While we'll always have a place in our heart for processed cheese, if you're looking to adult when it comes to your queso dip (AKA spicy, melted cheese dip), we have discovered just the product for you: Stonewall Kitchen Ghost Pepper Queso ($8).

As you might have guessed, this queso is hot hot hot. Green chile peppers, jalapeño peppers, and dehydrated ghost pepper (one of the world's spiciest peppers) set the queso ablaze on your tastebuds. As if your mouth has been blow-torched, the dip then blooms with intense firey heat. Though you may be tempted to abandon chip after one or two bites, if you keep snacking, your palate will adjust to the flames.

You won't feel bad about going back for more scoops of this USA-made dip as it's made with a list of pronounceable ingredients. The base is essentially pureed tomatoes and dehydrated cheese. Plus, it's gluten-free — score! Unlike other queso dips that congeal when cold, this recipe is actually recommended to serve at room temp. Though skeptical at first, we fell in love with the cool, creaminess (the texture resembles thick Greek yogurt) and slight textural contrast of the tomatoes, red bell peppers, and onions.

However, you can always go the traditional route and serve the queso dip warm via a low simmer on the stovetop or Crock-Pot style. Just to forewarn you, we noticed that the spice factor becomes even more intense when the temperature is elevated, so take that into consideration when serving it. Whatever you do, don't attempt to reheat it via the microwave or else the dip will explode... we speak from experience.

In terms of best pairings, dunk tortilla chips (duh!) into this spice-tastic queso or dollop it onto tacos, enchiladas, tamales, nachos, fajitas, beans, and other Tex-Mex fare. Prepare to experience fireworks on your palate.

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