Calling magic fans of all ages and beauty junkies alike! This one is for you. Now it’s easier than ever to bring some of that wizarding world into your beauty routine. Storybook Cosmetics, the masterminds behind the Harry Potter makeup brushes and the upcoming Roald Dahl Willy Wonka beauty palette, has announced a new Witchcraft and Wizardry eyeshadow palette, and we can’t wait to get our muggle hands on it.

While it’s not specifically Harry Potter related, it certainly is magically inspired. Just take a look at the name of the shades: Broomstick, Sorcerer, Cloak, Potions, Prophecy, Salem, Merlin, Bewitched, Cauldron, Spellbook, Charms and Jinx.

The shadows are encased in a magic textbook-style box with pretty gold foiling details on the cover.

There’s even a built-in mirror! According to their Instagram account, Storybook Cosmetics will be announcing release dates and pricing for the new palette soon. In the meantime, check out what they currently have to offer and what’s coming up.

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(h/t Seventeen; photo via Storybook Cosmetics)