It may have been years since you read a new Harry Potter book or watched one of the movies but we know your love for the boy who lived lives on. If you were obsessed with Harry Potter lipsticks, or these snazzy new prints of the books or anythingEmma Watson does EVER, you’ll melt when you hear how adult Harry Potter fans are celebrating their love for the series.

Hope you have a horcrux cuz y’all about to die from cuteness.

Mugglenet, the OG source for all Potter news from the dark pre-Pottermore days, started a cool project to encourage fans to share their favorite HP memories. The #PotterItForward is a campaign where fans slip notes into HP books at bookstores or libraries talking about how the series affected their lives. The results will kick you right in the feels. Accio tissues.

The way this project promotes the love of literacy and magic to a whole new batch of readers is truly inspiring. If you want to get in on other cool projects that use Harry + Co to make the world a better place, check out The Harry Potter Alliance, an organization that relates real world issues to the magical world, engaging fans around the globe to “work for equality, human rights and literacy.” And remember, if any disbelieving muggle has the gall to ask “you still like Harry Potter after all this time?” the only response is “always.”

What’s your favorite Harry Potter memory? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via @officialmugglenet, @aleynikova713, @riverthewonderdale, @amyluder, @amyhogan_mn)