Let’s be real for a sec — when was the last time you did your makeup in the morning and left it at that? While we might first apply it in the AM, most of us need a touch-up after a long day at work, or maybe in that post-workout, pre-date night limbo. So what are our options? Well, previously not much. You could either lug around your makeup bag all day or pick out your super essentials. But now, the lovely ladies over at Stowaway Cosmetics have designed a cosmetic line that is specifically made for traveling light. Say hello to your purse’s new BFF.


Founded by two makeup artists who were frustrated with a) not ever being able to finish a product before it expired and b) having to carry all those giant products around all day, they decided to put their beautiful heads together and create a brand built on the philosophy that makeup should be designed to go wherever women go.


If you’ve fallen victim to the same cosmetic dilemma, you might be wondering why makeup brands continue to create products that are too big to be functional. According to Stowaway, “It costs the same amount to make a “right-sized” mascara as a “too-large-to-finish” mascara. The reason big brands and conglomerates sell bulk cosmetics is simple: they want to sell the items with the highest markups and the best margins for them and their retail partners. So similar to Everlane’s business model, Stowaway decided to cut out the middleman, allowing them to offer the same quality products as their competitors, but at the fraction of the price.


Stowaway has all the makeup must-haves: BB cream, concealer, lip and cheek rouge, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. You can opt to buy each individually, but to get the most bang for your buck, we’d recommend going for the Stowaway Kit, which has one of everything and costs only $75.


If you’re a little hesitant to drop $75 on a travel-size makeup bag, we don’t blame you, but think about it this way: When was the last time you actually finished an entire tube of lipstick? Pair this with Swyp’s new smart wallet and you’re one step closer to finally living that micro purse kind of life.

Would you trade your go-to makeup products for this new line? Why or why not? Share with us in the comments below.