Here’s the constant dilemma: you’re all dressed up for a night out and then you remember, “Wait, where am I going to put all my cards?” We all know what happens next; they get stuffed into a bra or a shoe and you pray for the best. But what if you could leave all those plastic rectangles at home and opt to bring along just one that does the job of all of them? Well guess what, folks? You can totally do that with the new mind-bending smart card, SWYP.


SWYP is an ultra-thin metal card and smartphone app that combines all of your credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards into one. What?! How? Let us explain. You’ll start the process by downloading the app (which is available for both Android and iOS) and adding cards by swiping them through the provided card reader.

The card itself can hold up to 25 cards at once, but you can add an unlimited number of cards into the app, allowing you to change out what’s available on your SWYP as needed. From there you use two arrows and a circular “select” button on the front to choose which card you want. SWYP comes with a low-power screen on the front so you’re able see the card you’re using. If you’re worried about it mysteriously losing power on you mid purchase, don’t be. The rechargeable battery lasts up to two years.

Sure, this all sounds dreamy (not to mention a lifesaver for those now purse-free evenings), but what’s the catch? Well, to put it simply, there really isn’t one. At least, not one that we can see. You can use this card wherever you’d use any of your normal cards: farmers markets, gas stations and even ATMS are all fair game. SWYP can also predict your personal schedule and automatically prioritizes specific cards during certain times of the day or week, so you won’t end up clicking through 20 different cards to finally get to the one you want.


As magical as a card like this is going to be, we know what’s going through your head: “What sort of stolen card hell do I end up in if I lose it?” You’ll be relieved to know that you won’t have to cancel every card with your name on it. SWYP only works when it’s within 6 feet of your mobile device. Once it’s out of that range, you’ll receive an alert on your phone and the card will automatically lock and can then only be used after entering a personal PIN using the arrow keys on the card. It can also be set to “restaurant mode,” which limits the payment option to just one card, eliminating the risk of anyone else having access to your entire wallet with the touch of a button.

A limited number of cards are currently available at the pre-order price of $49 (they are eventually set to retail for $99), starting today on the company’s website. Once purchased, you will receive a referral link to share with your network. For each person you refer that purchases a SWYP, you will be credited $5, up to the original purchase price – so really, this could pay for itself. Sadly, you can’t throw out your plain old wallet just yet — SWYP is expected to ship Fall 2015 to U.S. customers.

Would you use a smart card like this? Why or why not? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below.