If you listen to fashion podcasts on your commute to work and follow celeb stylists on Instagram for the latest trends, you might want to think about a career doing what you love. In this week鈥檚 How to Quit Your Day Job series, we chat with Ali Macer and Brittney Ben Moshe about how they started StyleLab, an on-demand personal styling service for men and women. Get a behind-the-scenes look into what Macer and Ben Moshe do for prospective clients. The real-life BFFs dish on how they took their passion for fashion and turned it into a stylish service.

Meet the style聽Pros: Ali Macer & Brittney Ben MosHe

Both Macer and Ben Moshe had different careers before starting StyleLab, but both had experience working in fashion. Macer worked for brands like Paige Premium Denim and Juicy Couture. Ben Moshe was a wardrobe stylist at Fred Segal. They each had experience starting companies from scratch. Macer and her mom started a medical wellness and weight-loss company, MediLean, and Ben Moshe worked with her husband, who owned retail cosmetic stores. These ventures helped them understand the hard work and risk-taking required to start their own company. When these former college roommates discussed the idea of StyleLab, Ben Moshe says, 鈥淓verything clicked and it was a natural evolution.鈥

The Tips

1. Find something that doesn鈥檛 feel like work. Both Macer and Ben Moshe love the fashion industry, so while there are stressful days running their own company, they love working together on something that truly fulfills them. 鈥淏uilding StyleLab has been so much fun because it is something I am passionate about,鈥 says Ben Moshe. 鈥淭here are some days it doesn鈥檛 even feel like I鈥檓 working and that is a great feeling.鈥 Echoes Macer, 鈥淣o matter how stressful something can get, I remind myself that I鈥檓 working with my best friend in an industry I love.鈥

2. Outline your roles. One of StyleLab鈥檚 advisors encouraged the duo to put a founders agreement in place, specifically outlining each of their investment, ownership, and roles. 鈥淭his is really important for any co-founders, but especially when you start a business with your best friend,鈥 says Macer. 鈥淲e made a pact that our friendship would come before the company. As long as we had each other鈥檚 best interest in mind, we would always find a way to work out any disagreement.鈥

3. Develop your concept. As the BFFs continued to discuss their on-demand personal styling service, they outlined some key principles that they wanted to instill into their brand. They wanted to provide a service for men and women that educates them on what looks best for their bodies, teach their clients how to be smart shoppers, and keep clothing at affordable price points. They offer styling services at a flat hourly rate for different services and events. 鈥淲e learned as much as we could about our competitive landscape and the styling industry from the stylist and clients鈥 perspectives. We gauged interest by performing mini-focus groups,鈥 says Macer. 鈥淒efine your goals, have a plan, but also be able to pivot,鈥 says Ben Moshe.

4. Find the right team. Hiring personal stylists to join the StyleLab team was an important decision for the co-founders. They wanted to find the right mix of personable, talented, and diverse team members who could represent the StyleLab brand. Within the first few weeks of looking, the duo had more than 300 resumes to scour through. As a result, Macer and Ben Moshe have a wide range of stylists for their clients. 鈥淥ur stylists come from all different backgrounds, such as celebrity, editorial, film, TV, and commercial, and have experience styling all shapes and sizes with a wide range of budgets,鈥 says Macer.

5. Have a support system. Besides having each other to discuss day-to-day operations, Macer and Ben Moshe rely on the steadfast support of their friends and family. 鈥淭hey let us vent when necessary, bounce new ideas around and offer helpful feedback, and are great brand ambassadors as they know StyleLab just as well as we do,鈥 says Macer. They started a Kickstarter last year, and they were blown away by how much financial support they got just from people they knew.

6. Keep forward momentum. Both co-founders admit that it鈥檚 hard to dive in and start something that鈥檚 entirely brand new, but for any female entrepreneurs who want to own a biz, they highly recommend to keep going, even when fear sets in. 鈥淵ou will doubt yourself a million times, and fear it won鈥檛 work, but be honest with yourself and keep forward momentum,鈥 says Macer. 鈥淏e patient. It鈥檚 really easy to get ahead of yourself, but make sure to take the proper steps. Make sure you do plenty of research and pre-work before you actually take the leap. It鈥檚 important to have all the right information in place,鈥 says Ben Moshe.

7. Love the glow. Working with clients really inspires these two fashionistas to keep working hard on their company. Macer loves seeing the transformations in their clients when they like what they鈥檙e wearing. 鈥淧eople just have an extra glow when they feel good in their clothing,鈥 says Macer. 鈥淲hat I love about our job is that we get to work with a range of men and women. We have clients in all age groups, body types, and budgets,鈥 says Ben Moshe. Ben Moshe shares the story of one client, a 60-year-old divorced woman who wanted to get back on the dating scene. 鈥淲e found looks that would work well with her vision. From there, we styled her for a photo shoot to get great headshots for her dating profiles. It was very rewarding for us to see the transition and confidence gained by feeling good in her clothes. She had a blast,鈥 says Ben Moshe.

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