Summer isn鈥檛 complete without an epic beach cookout. If you haven鈥檛 hosted yours yet, we鈥檝e got everything you need to beach, drink, eat, and repeat. We鈥檙e talking: recipe ideas, stylish sun protection, and cozy essentials. So grab your best beach blanket and a few friends and get ready to live your best summer life.

1. Paper Plates: Paper plates make for a quick cleanup and don鈥檛 weigh as much as plastic or enamelware dishes. Pick up these Jazzy Star Plates ($8) to make your grub shine.

2. A Clam Bake: Here鈥檚 a one-pot meal with easy cleanup that will leave your guests feeling satisfied. With a clam bake, you can edit the seafood selection based on what鈥檚 available locally, and you can prep everything beforehand. (via 聽Leite鈥檚 Culinary)

3. Cocktail Freezies: You can鈥檛 always bring glass bottles to the beach. Make your drinks in a beach-friendly way with this genius cocktail hack. (via PMQ for Two)

4. Fire Wood Carriers: If you鈥檙e cooking over a wood fire, you鈥檒l need to bring all that wood to the beach. Throw it in one of these DIY rope beach bags for stylish toting. (via We Are Scout)

5. Picnic Basket: Instead of a traditional picnic basket, toss everything you need in a seagrass basket with pom-poms. Pair with a pom-pom suit for a cute coordinated look. (via A Coastal Bride)

6. Portable Beach Cooler: You鈥檒l need a container to hold and chill *all* the food and drinks for your beach cookout. This mint blue Yeti Roadie Cooler ($200) comes in many sizes to suit your needs and guest list.

7. Colorful Beach Umbrella: DIY a bright umbrella that will make your party stand out on any beach. Pick and choose colors that will complement your summer style. (via Sugar & Cloth)

8. Picnic Blanket: An oversized picnic blanket lets your guests relax in style and eat without worrying about where they鈥檒l rest their glass or plate. You can thrift one or DIY your own with big pink stripes. (via A Subtle Revelry)

9. Folding Chairs: These stylish and easily transportable Beach Seat Havana chairs ($55) are key for enjoying the fire after dinner or watching the sun go down.

10. A Stylish Beach Bag: Big catchall bags like this colorful DIY option that let the sand drain out are a necessity when traveling to the beach. (via House That Lars Built)

11. Battery-Operated LED Lights: Extra lighting is just what you need once the sun goes down. Pick up these SunnyLife Pineapple Wax Lamps ($20) to bring a more tropical vibe to your get-together.

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