There’s nothing like a tropical drink to quench your thirst after a long day. And let’s face it — cocktails *always* taste better when they arrive in something so extra. Follow along below as we DIY cups out of coconuts, watermelons, and pineapples.

Fruit Drink 3 Ways


Upgrade your bottle of coconut water with an oh-so-refreshing sip from the *real* deal.


Materials and Tools:

  • coconut
  • cloth napkin
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • towel
  • bowl
Hammer Coconut


1. To remove the water, place your coconut on a cloth. Hammer a screwdriver into the eyes of it located on the outer shell.

Drain Coconut

2. Drain the coconut water into a bowl.

Crack Coconut

3. Our coconut came already lined to crack. If yours doesn’t have this, once the coconut is empty, place it on its side and hammer the screwdriver around the circumference until a crack forms.

Crack Coconut 2

4. Keep tapping along the fractured line until it splits in half.

Open Coconut

5. Now fill with a rum-based cocktail to booze-ify your freshly opened coconut.


Watermelons are synonymous with summer. Add a fun twist on them by using the shell as a festive way to spruce up your hydrating treat.


Materials and Tools:

  • watermelon
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • spoon
  • bowl
Slice Watermelon


1. Place the watermelon on a cutting board. Use a knife to cut the top third of the produce off.

Scoop Watermelon

2. Scoop out the insides of the fruit with a spoon. Save the discarded produce in a bowl.

Scooped Watermelon

3. Use the leftover fruit to whip up a pureé for your drink, like a frozen watermelon marg.


For a tangy take, reach for a pineapple that’s equal parts photographic and delicious.


Materials and Tools:

  • pineapple
  • cutting board
  • sharp, large knife
  • large spoon
Cut Pineapple


1. Place the pineapple on its side on a cutting board. Chop the top third off with a knife.

Carve Pineapple

2. Run your knife around the inside rim of the pineapple about half an inch away from the skin. Be mindful of reaching the bottom of the pineapple as you go so you don’t expose a hole.

Pineapple X

3. Once you’ve circled all the way around the pineapple, cut the inside core by making an X.

Scoop Pineapple

4. Use a spoon to scoop the insides out.

Pineapple Drink

5. Fill with a tropical drink of your choosing (piña coladas, anyone?)

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(Photos via Brittany Griffin / Brit + Co)