Winter hats might be more practical, but summer hats are so much more fun. To keep your face cool and your style hot, we rounded up our 15 favorite summer chapeaux. From fedoras to wide brimmed straw hats and caps to the occasional visor, we have your summer headgear (the cool kind) covered. Add a pair of sunglasses (would you like to buy or DIY?) and head out the door.

1. Pleated Boater Hat ($16): This one reminds us a bit of the hats in Madeline, and we’re totally cool with that. Just don’t make your friends walk in two straight lines in front of you.

2. American Needle Kona Snapback Hat ($29): You know we love a good floral pattern. And this hat, with either New York’s or LA’s team logos embroidered on the front is no exception.

3. J. Crew Panama Hat ($58): You can’t go wrong with this classic Panama hat. It’s about as universally flattering as hats come, and it’s available in three sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

4. Nautical Straw Sun Hat ($13): Add a pair of massive shades, and you’ll be set for summers by the pool.

5. Dotted Disk Sun Hat ($78): Polo matches, horse races, afternoon tea—this is the chapeau for all your high-brow social engagements.

6. Road Trip Baseball Hat ($98): Pricey, yes. But a baseball hat that you’ll actually want to wear? We think that’s priceless.

7. Tsyumi Canvas Sun Hat ($126): They always say to splurge on the basics, right? This floppy sun hat is the perfect example.

8. Staring at Stars Woven Floppy Hat ($29): Yes, floppy hats are mostly about the style statement, but as an added bonus they are excellent at preventing sunburn on your face.

9. Cotton Trimmed Straw Visor ($48): Ditch the stereotype of the little old lady wearing the visor. This straw & cotton version from Jonathan Adler is preppy with pops of color. (We’d expect no less!)

10. Aurora Sun Hat ($58): We’re pretty sure wearing this hat requires you to speak in an accent, we’re just not sure which one. Tell us what you think in the comments.

11. ASOS Embellished Stud Turban ($18): Keep your highlights protected from the sun with this turban that’s perfect when you’re relaxing poolside. If the studs aren’t for you, you can also go for basic black.

12. Juicy Couture Wide Brim Straw Hat ($78): Coral is a go-to color in the summer. And you can’t go wrong with this tri-colored sun hat.

13. Stripe-Trim Straw Fedora ($30): We are all about the bright yellow shade of this fedora, not to mention the nautical navy and white stripe trim.

14. Colorblocked Woven Cap ($15): Color-blocking is always a good thing. This jaunty little cap is made better by the bright blue brim.

15. Awesome Party Hats ($12 for 8): If hats just aren’t your thing, pick up a a pack of these awesome tiny trucker party hats. You can decorate the fronts to say whatever you want.

Are you a hat person? What’s your summer hat style? Tell us in the comments!