Sky’s out, thighs out, sunscreen out, girl. You know the drill. Being safe with sun will not only help block harmful UV rays, but it’s also now fashionable thanks to the abundance of clothing that incorporate sun-protective measures. So grab your shades, get your toes did and head out to the beach with a few of these finds ASAP — those summer jams aren’t going to play themselves.


1. Cabana Life Black Cover-up ($86): We bet you thought, “Wait, this is a cover-up?” Sure is! And a stylish (50+ UV protection) one at that. We’re thinking it would transition well from beach to night with the addition of just a few accessories.


2. Cabana Life Maldives Beach Pant ($82): Sometimes a cover-up just doesn’t cover it. Pick up a pair of bright, on-trend beach pants for your next long day on the water or at the beach.

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3. Mara Hoffman Rash Guard ($260): Try not to turn heads in this electrifying rash guard. The best part is that you’re not only showing your summer style, but also your dedication to safe sun — which looks just as good on a paddle board as it does on a beach chair.


4. Cover Harper’s Bazaar Sleeveless Swimsuit ($170): As a young mother, designer Lisa Moore realized there was a ton to protect her child, but not a lot to protect her. That’s why she developed her own fabric that includes UPF (like SPF) 50+ protection, and is slanging some of the trendiest UV-safe swimsuits around town.


5. Mott 50 Hooded Cover-up ($118): Started by two friends who realized the importance of sun protection, Mott 50 pieces come with 50+ UPF. This cover-up is both chic and comfortable thanks to its bamboo/spandex blend.


6. Cynthia Rowley Denim Wetsuit ($375): Yes, you read that right. Denim. Wetsuit. Take to the waves or dive into a pool sporting this bizarre-yet-lovely combo that we are totally, totally lusting after. (Call us, Cynthia! We want to surf with you!)


7. San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Crusher Hat ($42): This hat is not only a style statement, but is super easy to bring on vacation; it crushes up into any bag or suitcase. With a UPF of 50+, no harmful rays are getting through this baby.


8. Cabana Life Color Block Rashguard ($60): Rashguards aren’t just for surfers anymore. This adorable one has some color block action going on as well as 50+ UPF protection.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.12.21 PM

9. L.L. Bean Plus Size Empire Swim Dress ($90): L.L. Bean is bringing swimwear to a whole other level with this playful, polka-dotted number. With a nylon and Lycra blend (and 50+ UPF protection), this suit will keep you comfortable and sun safe.


10. Uniqlo Airism Hoodie ($30): Even when it’s a bit chilly out, the sun is still there. Bring this lightweight, summer-weather hoodie along to block out rays on those iffy days.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.01.45 PM

11. Brelli Printed Umbrella ($86-$90): Finally!! A stylish, UV-ray-blocking parasol that we can actually afford. Put down the drugstore number you’ve been rocking, Anne Hathaway, and try this beautiful ‘brella. It also blocks winds up to 40 mph.

What’s your sun-safe routine? Tell us in the comments!