During the cooler months, our feet go into major hibernation mode under all those layers of socks and heavy-duty shoes. And with our tootsies being out of sight for a good four to seven months out of the year, when warm weather rolls around they might be looking a little more funky than fabulous. With sandal weather right around the corner, it’s time to get those long-forgotten feet into tip-top shape. Just follow these quick tips and your feet will be looking pretty and polished in no time.


1. Give ’em a Good Soak: A good soak doesn’t just feel good, but also softens up skin and gets nails ready for your next coat. Don’t have a tub? Grab a bucket or pick up a foot bath (like this awesome one from Target that bubbles). Add in some bath salts, then kick back and relax. Let feet soak for about 10 minutes. (via Wisdom Within)


2. Get Scrubbin’: Just like your face and the rest of your body, your feet need a little exfoliation too. Pick up a good scrub, like this Fig + Yarrow Alpine Pumice Foot Treatment ($16), to slough off dead skin and transform those rough-around-the-edges steppers into super-soft, kitten-like paws. Love yourself a little DIY? Whip up one of these exfoliators at home.


3. Pumice Away: Nope, you’re not done with that exfoliating just yet. Once you’ve lightly patted those peds dry, smooth out any calluses or dry patches with a pumice stone or foot file (make sure feet are still slightly damp, because if they’re bone-dry it can irritate cracks). This Tweezerman Foot File and Smoother Kit ($21) gets rid of dry skin fast and leaves your fancy feet feeling like new.


4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: You wouldn’t wash your face without moisturizing afterwards, right? Hydrated feet are happy feet, so make sure to slather on a good layer of intense moisturizing lotion, like Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary Body Cream ($27) or a nourishing balm, like Meow Meow Repair Balm ($18), to leave skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.


5. Cut and File: Now that you’ve gotten your skin looking great, it’s time to tackle those toenails. Trim your nails into a square shape using a clipper. Be careful not to cut too low ’cause it can allow bacteria to enter the nail, causing a whole host of problems. Use a nail file to gently smooth nail edges and any rough spots.


6. Care for Your Cuticles: Cracked cuticles can seriously hurt. Show ’em a little extra love with a cuticle oil or cream to keep them on top of their game. This Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil ($9) not only smells great, but also works wonders on dry nails. Once they’ve softened up, you can push them back to make more space for some bold + bright polish.


7. Strengthen: Brittle nails are no fun, and even if you have the softest paws in the world, split or cracked nails can make feet look wack. Before getting to the polish stage, give nails a boost with a strengthening treatment like Formula X Nail Hydrator ($14) to condition and replenish dehydrated, brittle nails.


8. Paint the Town Toes Red: Now for the fun part… polish! Start out with a base coat to get toes prepped, follow with a few coats of your fave color and finish by giving toes a quick swipe with a top coat. Then go out and show off those fabulous feet! (via iMujer)

What nail polish colors do you love for summer? Do you go au naturale or jazz things up with statement-making brights? Tell us in the comments!