The Super Bowl is coming up in just over a week! And even though our darling 49ers didn’t quite make it to the big game, we’re still planning on spending the first of February chowing down on sliders, nachos and snack mix. Oh, and posing in a tassel-filled photo booth, obvs. Here’s what’s on deck for Brit + Co’s Super Bowl Sunday shenanigans.


1. DIY Game Day Pennants: Who doesn’t love a simple activity when spending the day in front of the TV? With some felt, a wooden stick and a glue gun, everyone can make a custom pennant for game day.


2. Make Your Own Michelada Station: Instead of stocking up on six packs, offer your guests a beer-tail. Go with a classic Michelada. Start with a pint glass. Rub a lime wedge along the rim of your glass and dip in equal parts salt and cayenne. Then, combine one lager beer (Tecate recommend) with 1/2 oz fresh lime juice, 3 drops Tabasco sauce, 1 dash Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of black pepper.


3. Football-Themed Charades: It’s the 2nd quarter, and it already looks like it’s gonna be a blowout. Enter, silly games on game day. We recommend sticking with the classic game of charades — act out your favorite players, teams and touchdown dances. Tebow, anyone?


4. DIY Chex™ Party Mix Snack Bar: Snacks that your guests can customize are perfect for sports gatherings so everyone has something they love — no sit-down dinner schedule required. For this version of a snack bar, use Original Chex™ Party Mix as the base. Then pile on ingredients like roasted chickpeas, cheese cubes, salami and fried onions.


5. Never Forget to Set Up a Photo Booth: Put on your own halftime show by setting up a game day photo booth, complete with props like footballs, whistles and construction paper goal posts.

Go team! ;)