While you were at the farmers’ market this weekend stocking up for those ramp recipes, you probably noticed an abundance of figs; the “new wood” fig season has finally arrived. Black mission figs, brown turkey figs and green kadota figs are piled high at the markets, ready to be mixed into all the best seasonal fig recipes you can handle. Just be sure to grab extra — there’s *no* shortage of fall fig recipes, and these 16 sweet and savory dishes will have you stoked for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

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1. Vanilla Fig Oatmeal With Pistachios and Honey: The idea of breakfast being the most important meal of the day has been hammered into our brains since a young age. With a crunchy, hearty and sweet breakfast like this, you certainly don’t have to convince us to dig in bright and early. (via Recipe Runner)

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2. Ficelle With Brie, Figs and Blackberries: This colorful assembly is perfect for setting out at brunch, kicking off a dinner party or settling into a romantic picnic in the park. Fresh ficelles (read: small baguettes) are adorned with brie, arugula, berries and figs. Add a chilled bottle of vino and you’re good to go. (via Cravings in Amsterdam)

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3. Roasted Figs With Gorgonzola Cream: There’s something magical about the combination of salty, sweet and creamy; a dish like this can fulfill all your cravings and senses. Most nibbles and appetizers are meant to be picked at, but you can rest assured that this one will be devoured. (via Bibby’s Kitchen @ Thirty Six)

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4. Grilled Romaine Hearts With Figs, Pear and Manchego: Here’s a starter or lunch that will surely impress. Adding sweet fresh fruits, crunchy nuts and salty cheeses to a salad is a sure-fire way to become a salad addict — but the addition of figs is a total game-changer in the best way. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)

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5. Fig Hazelnut Cornmeal Pancakes: Pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, pancakes for dinner if you’re in a crunch! How could we not live by this rule with a stack like this? Smothered in maple syrup-y goodness, these cakes are topped with fresh figs and crumbly hazelnuts. (via Diane Abroad)

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6. Homemade Fig Newtons: Your fave snack bar as a child can be made in your very own kitchen. After spending our childhoods grabbing these bars from store-bought containers, the idea of being able to enjoy a Fig Newton fresh out of the oven is near unfathomable. (via Truffles and Trends)

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7. Fresh Figs With Goat Cheese and Maple Walnuts: Soft, sweet, crunchy and tangy — this appetizer has everything going for it. It only takes five minutes to prepare, so you can get back into chillax mode quickly with your fave cocktail. (via Flavour and Savour)

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8. Thyme, Fig, Gorgonzola and Parma Ham Shards Crostini: A medley of pretty much anything looks posh and appetizing on crostini. Plus, the colors that come with this creation in particular cannot be matched — and neither can the flavors. (via The Foodie’s Way)

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9. Farfalle With Fresh Figs and Prosciutto: If you want to take advantage of bright summer flavors while you still can, this dish is a great place to start. Farfalle is tossed in a rich lemon fig sauce, then topped with salty prosciutto and, of course, MORE FIGS. (via Olivia’s Cuisine)

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10. Blue Cheese Broccoli Slaw: Slaw is so much more than cabbage and vinegar these days (thank goodness). This slaw really stands out from the bunch with the addition of sweet figs and crispy prosciutto. Throw it on a sandwich or dig in with a fork. (via Queen of My Kitchen)

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11. Whole Wheat Chocolate Almond Butter Fig Bread: If there’s a healthy cake out there in cakeland, this is it. This gorgeous stack is made with wholesome ingredients and doesn’t include any refined sugar, dairy or oil. Have it as a snack or dessert; heck, you can even have it for breakfast! (via Dishing Out Health)

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12. Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Phyllo Bites: The only real struggle with these deliciously creamy phyllo bites is not eating them all before dinner is served. We’ve all been there — where there is stuffed pastry, there is temptation. (via Well Plated)

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13. Braised Short Rib Tagine With Figs and Almonds: Figs don’t solely belong in appetizers and desserts; stews need some fig lovin’ too, for that rich, deep flavor you’re after. This hearty dish is a whole new level of comfort food served on a healthy bed of quinoa. (via Snixy Kitchen)

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14. Sweet and Savory Bagel Stuffing: If you thought stuffing was the best part of a holiday dinner before, you need to get a load of this robust version. The usual bread has been replaced by fluffy bagels, tossed with figs and bacon. Sorry, Ma — no room for turkey. (via North Dixie Kitchen)

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15. Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin With Fig Sauce: This double porker is how it’s done. Whether it’s for a holiday gathering, Sunday dinner or a just a weeknight meal, you will be praised. Prosciutto wrapped around pork tenderloin is next-level, and adding fig sauce will wow *everyone.* (via The Gourmet Gourmand)

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16. Chicken Feta Quesadilla With Harissa Salsa: There is always room for creativity when making quesadillas, but this recipe kicks things up a few notches with the addition of feta and those gorgeous FIGS. You may never want to eat a regular ol’ quesadilla again, and that would be understandable. (via That Square Plate)

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