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Pretty much every picture Taylor Swift posts on her Instagram gives us a major case of FOMO, but the struggle was real this weekend when we caught a glimpse of an all-star tea party she attended on International Women’s Day. The most popular gal in Hollywood hooked up with Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and two members of the band HAIM for the most epic tea party ever. Since our invite must have gotten lost in the mail (that’s really the only explanation), we’ve decided to round up a few T. Swift-inspired goodies to grab + make if you’re planning on hosting a tea party with your besties.


1. Cookie Stamper ($11): When your BFF is Karlie Kloss, you kind of have to love cookies. Give your signature sweet treat a fun kick with this adorable, customizable cookie stamp.


2. Custom Tea Blends: Swift is always one to add a personal touch to her soirees. Follow in her footsteps by setting up a create-your-own-tea-bag bar. Follow our tutorial here to learn what ingredients and materials to get ahead of time. (via Brit + Co)


3. Shake It Off Mug ($18): If the party is for someone’s birthday this would make an amazing gift, but at $18 a pop, these would definitely be pricey to buy as a party favor for everyone. However, if you’re in love with this mug, why not DIY your own version? Find cheap, plain mugs at the thrift store and use sharpie to scribble on your favorite T. Swift lyric.


4. Pastel Colored Sugar Cubes ($19): Add some of Taylor’s super sweet charm to the party with these fun colored sugar cubes.


5. Lace Crowns ($40): Festive headwear seems to be a requirement at Swift’s shindigs. Play up the English spirit of tea parties with fun, intricate lace crowns. If you want to DIY your own version, follow the basics of this tutorial to make the lace stiff and add in some pretty ribbon.


6. Cat Head Coasters ($21): Embrace your inner cat lady and protect your table from water marks all at once with these fun, felt cat head coasters. Here’s another project that’s totally DIY-able.


7. Polka Dot Champagne Flutes: After tea time is over, keep the party going with a little champagne. Take a cue from Ellie Goulding by popping open a bottle and pouring that bubbly into these fun handmade polka dotted flutes. (via Lovely Indeed)

What are your tea party must-haves? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via @taylorswift)