These days, supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen are making healthy cooking look so good. And how are they doing it, might you ask? By inviting us into their kitchen every day on Instagram. It’s true; you can basically plan out a whole day of healthy treats and meals from Karlie’s Instagram — from her almond milk lattes, her purse full of cookies and her obsession with breakfast food. We thought we’d use her Insta as inspo for more than just #ootds and best selfie angles, here are 11 reasons you’ll want a second helping of Taylor Swift’s BFF’s ‘Gram.


1. All About the Healthy Lifestyle: Dispelling the myth that models don’t eat, Karlie wants to set a better example for girls by demonstrating a healthy lifestyle full of good food and solid workouts, according to NY Daily News. Karlie even has her own line of cookies called Karlie’s Kookies at Momofuku Milk Bar. What’s in her crumbers is an infusion of almond flour, gluten-free oats, agave and toasted almonds. Um, yum.


2. It’s a Family Thing: Karlie told Teen Vogue that every year during the holidays, her mom, her sisters and she spend a day in the kitchen together, baking up goodies for friends, family and loved ones. Stars — just like us!


3. Her Favorite Things: For every tin of her cookies sold, 60 school meals go to hungry children around the world. Her most recent recipe also supports emerging designers. She told Style, “The Coco Kookie combines some of my absolute favorite things — cookies, fashion and giving back.”


4. Snack Attack: Kloss always carries wholesome snacks like dark chocolate, almonds, apples, granola bars in her purse. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she always makes sure she eats something with protein like apples and peanut butter before she hits the gym to keep up her stamina for her killer Victoria Secret workouts.


5. Keeping a Healthy Balance: Karlie freely admits to eating a cookie before her workouts, but she also digs a really nutritious breakfast burrito with lots of egg whites and avocado for protein. She told People that after an intense workout, she loves a good shake with almond milk and banana.


6. Girls Night In: We’re completely jealous of the gathering Taylor Swift hosted in her apartment with her girlfriends, including bestie Karlie Kloss. Homemade cookies are totally included in this meal, right girls?


7. Almond Hot Chocolate: A big fan of all things chocolate, Karlie is known to eat the stuff first thing in the morning thanks to the likes of chocolate chip pancakes. Check out her own recipe for almond hot chocolate at The New Potato.


8. Breakfast Is Best: Karlie told Bon Appetit that breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. When she’s not working, she says she likes to sleep in, make a shake, go to the gym and then have breakfast in the afternoon. From cereals, yogurts, pancakes and crepes Karlie loves it all, but she says that egg whites are a staple since they’re a great source of protein.


9. Wholesome Eating: As far as we can tell from her ‘grams, Karlie likes to keep things simple when she cooks. She seems to use fresh ingredients and not do much to them. Here she shows off one of her healthy snacks — a flatbread smothered in hummus, avocado and veggies.


10. Breakfast of Champs: Karlie’s go-to recipe for eating-in is omelettes. She told Bon Appetit that she is a better baker than cook, so on a lazy night in, she prefers to whip up scrambled eggs and omelettes. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?


11. Have Cookies, Will Travel: The self-proclaimed Queen of Snacks, Karlie is famous for carrying a picnic in her purse at all times and all the other models know she is always good for a snack — especially a cookie. According to Healthy Celeb, she stocks her purse with things like hot chocolate packets and oatmeal packets – things you can just add hot water to on the go.

What do you think of Karlie’s healthy approach to baking? Are you dying to try Karlie’s cookies? Talk to us in the comments below!