Palomas, margaritas and more — it might not be the spirit you’re thinking about right now (shout out to hot toddies!), but tequila is one of the tastiest out there. Some even claim that tequila is the only upper of the alcohol fam (note: it isn’t), and that hangovers are nearly non-existent when sipping the stuff from the South of the Border (note: hmm…). But there might be one more benefit to come from the agave plant: The American Chemical Society has put out a study claiming that certain sugars found in the plant can help with Type II Diabetes and overall weight loss.


Agavins, a type of sugar found in the plant, might help lower blood sugars overall in the body. The sugars are not digestible and won’t raise blood sugar. There’s a hormone found in them (called GLP-1) that can help keep your stomach fuller longer and also produces insulin. This “healthy” sugar also helps support good gut and mouth bacteria, helping your body out overall.

Glasses of tequila on the wooden board

For the 26 million Americans with Type II Diabetes, this could be great news. However, it’s important to note two things. First, agave syrup is not the same thing — its chemical makeup is actually closer to the dreaded High Fructose Corn Syrup and should not be used as an agavin substitute. The other bummer is that when tequila is made from the plant, the ethanol burns off the agavin, meaning that you should probably put down the shot glass and bottle right now. Either way, it’s pretty cool how health benefits are continually being found in the plants around us, and it’ll be great to hear more good news like this soon.

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