In an age where minimalism reigns supreme, it only makes sense that less polish is going on the nail. Believe it or not, keeping the nail design simple can turn more heads than something over-embellished. Negative-space manicures (designs that feature areas of the nail that remain unpolished) are taking over on the ‘gram, and we’ve rounded up our favorite negative space summer nail designs for your inspiration.

1. Fruity: Decorate your nails with your favorite summer fruit for instant warm weather-ready digits.

2. Flames: The ’90s are calling. They want you to cover your nails in flames.

3. Pink and Red: Valentine’s Day or not, this pink and red negative space manicure will make you fall in love.

4. Pastel Perfection: No matter what time of year, soft pastels add femininity to your nail design.

5. Teardrops: Using two of your favorite colors, apply half-teardrop shapes next to each other to leave one side negative, one side decked out.

6. Circles and Stars: With this manicure, it’s clear that you deserve every gold star featured in your design.

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7. Designer Labels: Bougie gals will appreciate this designer manicure.

8. Multicolored Stripes: Why choose one or two colors when you can have the rainbow at your fingertips.

9. Sideways French: Meet the sideways French — a step up from your typical airbrush-on, basic French mani.

10. Cut Out Stars: Instead of having your nail tech add a star, have them paint everything but the star for a negative space look.

11. Thin Neon Tips: By switching from your basic white tips to something bright and colorful, you’ll instantly turn up the heat one finger at a time.

12. Lines and Triangles: There’s a method to the madness with this intricate and well-designed negative space nail look.

13. Realistic Oranges: Fruits are cool and all, but these realistic oranges take the cake… or rather, the orange.

14. Tribal Pastels: All the different pastels next to each other make this unique manicure look almost holographic.

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Negative space + golden grace

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15. Splashes of Gold: Any minimalistic gal will appreciate the ultra-thin lines and splash of gold foil in this design.

16. Various Stars: Don’t settle for one color. Choose all your favorites and go star wild.

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