Yesterday’s summer solstice reinvigorated our ongoing obsession with the power of sunshine. Perhaps our favorite function of our fiery friend is its ability to fuel our nighttime adventures. These awesome accessories can charge during the extra long and sunny summer days and glow with you into the wee hours of the morning… !

1. Sunglasses ($59): Soak up the sunshine all day long and then rock your awesome, glowing sunglasses at night. Plus they facilitate your partying and they stop the sun from aggravating your hangover the next day ;)

2. Playing Cards ($9): These clear plastic playing cards are glow-in-the-dark and waterproof… You can play virtually anywhere! Bonus? No one will be able to read your poker face if you play in the dark ;)

3. Bonne Nuit Bulbs ($48): One of the coolest things about being a kid was having glow-in-the-dark stars stuck all over the ceiling. This chic and pretty update would look great in a kid’s room, but our love for wall decals makes us want to put it anywhere.

4. Toilet Paper ($11): There’s something about glowing in the dark that makes even the most mundane object more awesome. Not sure if we would actually buy this luminous toilet paper, but it did give us a giggle.

5. Sundress ($39): We would love this pretty sundress, which comes in two different color schemes and patterns, even if it didn’t glow in the dark. But once we realized that it totally does, we adore it and want to rock it all day and all night.

6. Flash Drive ($25): This quirky illuminated flash drive doubles as a keychain… You’ll never lose your keys or your documents again.

7. Water Bottle ($12): One of the most important things to remember during the hot summer months is to drink more water. What better way to remember than to carry around a fluorescent water bottle?

8. Uranium Periodic Element Soap ($7): Our inner nerd hearts leapt with joy when we saw this soap. This “radioactive” soap is quirky-cute, ocean-scented, and organic.

9. iPhone Case ($25): Our iPhones already light up our lives… now it just got literal. This glow in the dark case will really make your phone stand out from the pack… and make it easy to find in your purse!

10. Jeans ($ TBD): These jeans go from casual and nice denim during the day to wowza when the lights go down. This brand doesn’t seem to make women’s jeans, but it makes us wonder if we’d be bold enough to rock these out on the town.

11. Nail Polish ($3): By day, you’re a neon nail polish-wearing beauty; by night, your fingers (and you) start to really shine. We can live with that!

12. Diana Camera ($99): This 1960’s era camera has been revamped into one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen: a glow-in-the-dark, old-school way to shoot photos and look awesome all at the same time.

13. Pebbles ($19): These pebbles are an innovative way to light a walkway or look super funky in a birdbath. Landscaping has never been so brilliant.

14. Glow in the Dark Wallpaper: We featured it before, but we can’t resist mentioning it again because, well, we love it. Turning out the lights just got significantly radder.

15. Watch ($65): This incredibly bright watch is begging to be worn during an all-night dance party… something we are certainly happy to oblige.

16. Meat Thermometer ($7): This one might be practical, although we’re not sure how many people are cooking their meat in the dark. Regardless, this is a great thing to have during all those delicious summer barbeques.

How do you get your glow on? Tell us about all of your luminous adventures in the comments below or tweet them to us.