We’re in it to win Thanksgiving here at Brit HQ, starting with dressing up our table with neon napkins, DIY linens, and an out-of-this-world pumpkin mousse. And, truth be told, we’re still recovering from what was a truly epic Halloween party here in SF. Of course, you know why we’re here this morning. We’re here to deliver 12 bits of randomness. Enjoy!

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Cream: Powered by jellyfish protein, this $250 scoop is certainly something to behold. But would you actually want to eat it?

2. Pumpkin Pie Earrings ($14): These exist. That’s all.

3. Floating Kinetic Sculpture: Now those are some LED balloons! Made of 256 balloons embedded with LEDs designed to blink in sequence with the soundtrack, this gorgeous sculpture looks amazing.

4. Cut / Once: A new take on the ruler inspired by old school handiness, this desk accessory measures, stores pens, and makes for good desk decor too!

5. Lego Ron Burgundy ($20): O. M. G. Sometimes our obsession with LEGO might go a little overboard, but how can you not love a Lego version of Ron Burgundy? See also: Ron Burgundy at our Halloween Party.

6. Panta Claus ($118): Is this the best Christmas-related clothing pun ever? We think so.

7. Tattly Cards ($7): Drumroll please… the folks at Tattly are now peddling cards! They’re letterpress cards touting some of Tattly’s most popular tattoo designs. We can’t wait to stock up.

8. The First All Emoji Art Show: Think you’re super awesome at emoji? Think again! This art show is gathering the world’s best emoji artists… because apparently being an emoji artist might actually be a thing.

9. World’s Largest Ball Pit: Y’all ready for this?! It’s a ball pit with ONE MILLION balls in it. (Note: Please leave your potty-mouth humor at the door with this one.)

10. Nike x Pendleton: Sometimes brands come together and we think to ourselves, “why didn’t I think of that?” Case in point, this handsome collaboration by Nike and Pendleton.

11. Mobile Bed: If you live in a big city, you probably live in a small space. This collection of mobile beds aims to make more out of your space, by making your bed more mobile.

12. Epic Virgin America Safety Video: And finally, a five-minute safety video from the cheeky folks at Virgin America. A contortionist, tween with ‘tude, and robot dancers are all involved.

What’s the most creative, funniest, or weirdest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the comments below.